UAN Status: Check Your Status Via New Portal Online

UAN Status: How to check your uan status online? Here is the complete checklist and guide that you need to follow. Recently on Jan 1st 2017, the employee provident fund had made a big change in their portal websites. This websites were launched with a complete different URL and different structure page, and the process to check pf balance and other details were quite easy now compare with the previous version 1.0 portal.

What is UAN ?

UAN stands for universal account number. It’s a 12 digit unique number assign to each employee by their employer with the help of the official UAN member portal.

With the help of the UAN number you can able to access all the provident fund accounts under one account ( Previous and present accounts ) there by you can also able to transfer the provident fund amount easily

  • Below we do also share list of benefits and most frequent asked questions about UAN status online.

The new version of UAN portal was came in to existence on Jan 1st 2017. However, we came to know that portal seems to stop working during the peek time. If you were unable to track the uan status we are kindly advised to check out after some time. For list of complete details and information related to provident fund balance details – check out our guide here. To learn more about the finance news and mutual funds check out or guide here.

New Version Portal Website To Check UAN Status Online

Here you go the latest version UAN website. In order to check your universal account number status online.

Here is the version ( 2.0 ) Portal website : Access Link Here

This link works pretty fine without any problems. However, when you fetch your UAN status by filling out the application form you may see an error sometimes.

This mostly happens due to over traffic for the new member portal website.

This is the sample page, to let you know how it look alike:

uan status

Once you visited the page. Then after you need to enter the details as shown on that page:


  • Choose the regional office and state location.
  • From the drop down menu.

Alternatively, you can also check out from other options like ,pan card or aadhaar card if you have no idea about your provident fund number.

Make sure to choose the exact location of your establishment. If you done any mistakes, you can’t retrieve the UAN status. In case if you have no idea about your establishment number contact your employer. You can even search your establishment number by visiting the official website here. ( The old official website was down due to some technical problems by UAN India. We will update this article, whenever we cam across the new portal link.

Step – 2

  • Enter The Establishment Number.
  • If you have no idea about establishment number,
  • you can find via epfo search option. We shared this guide just below this article.

Enter The Establishment Extension, if you have no idea about your establishment extension. Just left that blank.

  • Enter PF member Id

UAN Status check


The PF referred to provident fund account number. The provident fund account number consists of max 7 digits. The number is mandatory in order to check UAN Status Online

The rest of the information as usual like

  1. Name
  2. Date Of Birth
  3. Mobile Number
  4. Email Id

Once, you entered those details you will let you know the status of your UAN number.

That’s it !

Why Old Portal Version 1.0 Removed ?

Have you ever wondered why the Employee provident fund India had made a sudden change in their portal and launched a new version? There are a couple of reasons that we do figured out and shared over here.

  • More security: The new version epfo member portal  added more security to their user credentials. Since, the website was hosted by
  • User Interface: The user interface was completely changed. The new user interface now super simple and anyone can easily understand. As compare with the previous one.
  • No More Extra Portals: Only two portals was launched one for employees and another one was for employers.

The previous websites will have an different member e sewa portals, for each individual article. For example in order to search pf transfer status, you need to access this link. And, now it’ nowhere available.

That’s the complete list of new features. However, there are certain things that epfo government need to improve for both employees and employers.

List Of UAN Benefits

If your UAN status were not available. Just don’t give up on that, because you have no idea how important is to be to having a UAN number. Here we share couple of benefits that you need to know as an employee.

Back in >2014, it’s an hurdle task for the employees, in order to proceed with the pf withdrawal process.

Submitting the application form to near by pf office, attested by employer or any high authorities is kinda long process.

Some times people are fed up with the process. Realizing this, the epfo launched a new innovative concept called UAN and it came into existence on March 30th 2014 under the act of 1952.

Employee provident fund organisation, where you can find all details like epfo status, epf balance enquiry.

Act As Bridge: Bridge 😛 Yeah! Connecting the previous provident fund accounts under one account via UAN. If you can access universal account number, then you can access all previous PF numbers.

Easy Of Transferring: With the help of the universal account number you can now transfer the pf amount easily without any problem via OTCP

You don’t need to withdraw the pf amount whenever you changed from one company to other company.

Rather than withdrawing you just need to transfer that amount with the help of the member portal website with a single click.

Check Contribution Status: With the help of the universal account number you can now check your monthly contribution rate.

Access The Android App: Check your account status with a single click.

The EPFO India launched a new Android application. You can download the application from here. You need to have at least 2.3 ( Android Version ) in order to get it run without any problems.

Changing Profile Details: You can now change your profile details. Previously, if you need to change your profile details you need to contact the employer. Now, you can do it by your self.

If Your Employer is Not Yet Registered The UAN Account, You can let them know the process of registration.

Three reasons why your employer is not yet registered the universal account number for their employees:

  • May be the company is new one more likely you are working in startup.
  • Not authorized by govt or may be you are not working in a registered company by govt.
  • Lack of knowledge on Provident fund and it’s process.

In case if you were a employer, you must check our guide that we publish recently on how to allocate the numbers to your employees.

The Process Of UAN Allocation is quite easy. However, it’s employer responsibility to do so.

If you are the employer you can check out our guide here – Guide Here.

In brief:

If you already allocate number to your employees : Let them know by accessing the UAN status portal website v 2.0 link Or just share the details to their personal Email Id’s.

First of all you need to register on official employer portal website by accessing the link here : Link

  • You need to register your company details, establishment number, extension code ( If any ) on that portal in order to allocate UAN number to your employees.

This is how the webpage will look alike once you visited:

status of UAN

After creation of account. You need to login through your account.

And, Upload the KYC documents:

KYC represents as ” Know your customer “, or employee.

Kyc Documents list :

As a employer you need to collect the documents from your employees as follows:

Aadhaar card, pan card, voter id card, bank number, IFSC code are the mandatory documents.

Once you collected those documents:

At top right menu bar, you will see an option as ” Upload KYC In Bulk “. Just upload all of those documents in a bulk text file – you can access here : Process of creation employee data in a bulk format.

Read that guide, at starting point we shared complete information on how to create a users data in a text file including their PF numbers.

Approve those documents with a digital authorized signature. And, share the UAN status link to your employees via member portal online 2017.

That’s it! As a employer you are now successfully assigned or allocate the unique 12 digit number to your employees.

For Employees ( The Next Step Is: Activation  )

After tracking the universal account number status. You will came to know that you account number. The very next step is activate your uan account.

If you were unable to find your universal account number, after accessing the UAN status link. We are kindly advised to contact your employer Immediately.

Here are the process for to activate your account:

Note down the 12 digit number on any paper.

Access this link : Link here

At top right bottom you access a ” Activate link “

Now, visit the link and fill the details as like

  • UAN number
  • Choose the state, PF office region.
  • Enter personal details and mobile number
  • Authorized the account via One Time Password

Congrats :)! You are now successfully activated the account. Now, the next step is to create a username and password.

The username and password are must in order to access the employer portal online.

Fill out the details: chose better username, and password must contain atleast one uppercase letter, numbers. For a better security.

  • Note down the password and username and save it.

That’s the complete process to activate the account. If you need any assistance just leave a comment here.

Top 5 Benefits Of Accessing The Member Portal Online

Once you get to know the universal account number, via UAN status online & successfully completion of activation. You will get the following benefits from portal.

1) Download Passbook Statement

The employee provident fund India back in 2014, opens a simple gateway to check your epf balance through five simple ways. And, user can also view or download the statement.

2) Check UAN Card Details 

Now, you will get to know your UAN card which is valid for life long.

3) PF Transfer

With the help of the online transfer claim portal. You will transfer your PF account to current account without filling any offline form.

4) Change in profile details

If any of the details were incorrect. You can directly upload them. And, the employer will approve via online only.

Most Frequent Asked Questions About UAN Status

1) I have been trying to access the UAN status from a long time, but I can’t able to find my UAN status ?

A: May be the employer had not yet started the UAN Registration process for the employees. Once, they submitted the necessary KYC documents you will get to know the UAN status.

2) How long it takes to get the UAN number?

A: It depends on the employer. The day he stated the process, you will get to know the number with in a 15 days.

After verification of your KYC documents.

3) Is there any thing I need to do after I received the UAN number?

A: Yes! In order to access your EPFO Member portal. You need to activate your UAN account.

The process of UAN Activation is quite simple. Just check out that link. You will get to know the information.

4) I was unable to select the State and Regional PF office from the UAN Status Portal?

This will be mostly happens due to over traffic to their uan status portal website. You can check out after some time.

5) I was getting this error, while I fetching my UAN status online?

Error : 

CallableStatementCallback;SQL[{callCOMMON_POPULTE_DDL.GET_STATE_LIST(?)}]; Closed Connection; nested exception is java.sql.SQLRecoverableException: Closed Connection.

A: If the same error displayed for you. Then your application for new UAN number is not yet processed. Contact your employer and access the uan status website link after some time.

6) How can I edit the profile details?

You can change the profile details under the ” Profile Tab “ on your account.

7) I changed the profile details? How Do I know that my employer verified those documents?

A: Your application status will be changed from pending to verified once the employer verified those documents.

5 thoughts on “UAN Status: Check Your Status Via New Portal Online


    When the new protel will available for activation? And from how long it has been closed? Can you provide exact date ? Once we are done with activation can we apply for the withdrawal through online and how it works, can we transfer the balance to our bank account.

    1. Anil Kumar


      The new portal already available for activation. We updated the article and links do check it out once.

      The old portal closed on : Dec 31st 2016.

      Yes ! you can proceed the withdrawal process. If you submit the bank account number + IFSC code details to your employer, and If it is activated and linked up with your PF + UAN account along with aadhaar card ( mandatory ).

      Then you can proceed the withdrawal process direct to your account.

      Note : If you are planning to shift from one company to another company, we suggest you not to go or withdrawal, instead Transfer your pf amount to new pf account via UAN.

      Here we share the guide :

      Hope it will helps.

      Anil Kumar

    1. deepthi chandrashekhar

      Hi Anil,

      Website is now working fine
      but on updating pan card and aadhaar card details, once clicked on save button information is not getting saved ,tried multiple times only bank details is getting saved.

      Please check guys , on updating correct PAN card details also , it shows error message ( Error while Pan verfication. )

      And on updating Aadhaar card details also, it shows error message ( Error while AADHAAR authentication.null )

      please check , website is not working properly , i have emergency for money , please ,please check ur website .



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