UAN : Universal Account Number Registration Complete | Guide

UAN Registration : UAN stands for Universal account number. It’s a 12 digit unique number allocated to each member of employee provident fund India. Back in 2010, it was a very hurdle process for pf transfer amount via offline from one account to another account. Thereby people are getting faced a lot of problems while checking their pf balance and transferring of their details.

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The Employee provident fund organization in India has introduced a new concept called universal account number. Thereby you can access the comprehensive benefits of your pf account under one unique 12 digit number which can make very easy for everyone to check their pf details online in India and also can transfer their pf funds very easily without any problems.

Here we share the complete guide for beginners.

The process of registering a new universal account number number is quite easy all you need to follow our guide so that you can access to your( employee ) account number within minutes.

Not only the process of creating a new UAN Registration (Universal account number ) number, but we do also share the complete guide on the above topics as per mentioned on the table of contents. There you go complete guide.

UAN Registration Online – Step By Step With Images Online

Here we cover the in-depth information how to register a new universal account number account number. In case if you face any problems while creating a new, account number then do comment here at the end of the post our team will help you out related to any query.

Their you go the complete process of registering the new number.

Note: An Employer takes the process of registering a new UAN registration account to their employees.

Because they need to link your PF account number to UAN number. Once the KYC documents are verified by employer.

  • If you an employer you need to follow up our guide with step by step on submitting your employee’s details to creating a new UAN  account.

For Employees: Here is the new  ( ) to register a new UAN registration account number ( Universal account number ).

For Employers: Even you can use the Official link to create a new account on behalf of your employees and link back to pf account to get accessed easily.

  • But, before that you need to submit your employee documents with a digital signature and verify it.

The process of providing the documents via Text file is a little bit complicated however with our tutorial you can get it done easy without any issue.

First Step – Uploading KYC Documents Of Employee’s Via EPFO Portal

Here we go step by step process on how to submit the employee details on EPFO website and get it verified by the employer.

First of all, you have to log in via EPFO login new version (2.0) website here.

Step – 1 – Learn How To Add Employee Details As Text File

Create employee information in a text file. The process of setting up the ECR text file is such an important thing. Here we shared complete step by step process on how to create a Text file of your employee database and verification process.

  • The government of India had already launched complete step by step tutorial for this.

Now, extract that zip file and you can access the HTML file as ( ECRPRESENTATIONWORK.HTML ) and open that file.

Once, you opened that file you can able to access the tutorial on how to create the Text file. Here is the screenshot of that HTML version page.

employee data text file

Step – 2 Collect Employee Document Details

As an employer, it’s your responsible to collect the necessary documents from employees for the process of (Universal account number ) account and verification of KYC documents.

List Of Documents:

Address Proof Documents

  • Passport
  • Driving License
  • Ration Card
  • Voter Id Card

Other Documents

  • Aadhaar Card
  • Bank Account Number + IFSC code
  • Pan Card

Once, you collected those details from employees.

Now, all you need to gather those details into one Text File and upload it followed by verification method online to generate universal account number registration Id.

  • Now, please refer to the above ( ECRPRESENTATIONWORK.HTML ) Tutorial and followed the instructions.

Just fill out the member details as per their instructions:

Please go through the tutorial as shown in the above .html version.

  • Once, you have complete in filling out the data in a csv format.
  • Now, save as (*.csv) – comma delimited.
  • Now, open that file with textpad.
  • Replace comma(,) with ( #~# ) and save that file
  • Remove the top header on a text file and save as .txt format.

Things to kept in mind before uploading the data:

  • Use Only alphabets and number in file names. Special characters or spaces are not allowed in that file name.

  • Text files are not exceeding more then 2MB of data.
  • Each row of the text file format is must meet the instruction which is provided here in Zipping File.

That’s it ( If you have any doubts on creating a Text file, then please do comment here at the end of the post our dedicated team will help you out in creating the necessary text file for your employees to get universal account number  account number ).

Step – 3

Uploading KYC Documents

Now, you have successfully completed the employee details in a text file as shown as above.

The next step followed by is to Upload those documents and verify it.

  • Now, Login into the employer esewa page. At top right column, there is an option to upload KYC documents.
  • Choose KYC>Upload Bulk KYC Text File
  • Here is the screenshot of that web page.

KYC upload

Once, you click on ” Upload Bulk KYC Text File “ then all you need to browse your employee text file and submit on that web page.

  • Here is the screenshot of that web page, right after when you click on ” Upload KYC Documents “.

Step – 4 Approving Your KYC Documents Online Here

Once, you have uploaded those text file for generation of UAN registration (Universal account number ).

The next step is to verify those certificates.

In login page at top right column menu, you can access the option as ” Approve Bulk KYC Pdf.”

  • KYC > Approve Bulk KYC

Here is the screenshot of that Image:

Now, click on Approve Bulk KYC and a web page will redirect to a new webpage where you can approve the list that you have been provided.

  • Here is how the screen will appear once you check out from Approve link web page.

The PDF is made in respect  to all the members for whom the member master is complete and will not have the members for whom some data such as DoB/DoJ etc is not available.

  • Do check out all the details from the list you have been provided.
  • The UAN registration number is automatically generated by respective employees as shown on the screen.
  • Do proofread of all those documents and Approve the submission.

Here is the sample Image on where to click to Approve Button. For only example purpose.

As usual, once, the employer will submit the Approve button a popup will open asked for a digital signature ( Sign with .PFX file or USB token ). Submit it right away.

get UAN number

That’s it.

You are now successfully registered a new account number respective to their member I’d details and documents.

The next step is an allocation of universal account number registration number allotment to new members.

  • On filling the ECR of the Month July 2014 on wards, the EPFO system will identify the new Member IDs for which the establishment is making payment.
  • On identification of new Member IDs, the system will throw back to employers the Member IDs for either declaring them as the first employment or tagging them with already allotted UAN.
  • Here is the complete step by step guide on how to allot UAN registration number to member Ids.

Here is the screenshot of an image on where to proceed. Just click on ” Confirm Previous Employment .”

Once, you click on confirm previous employment. The next web page will appear as follows.

In the case of first-time employment select first-time employment and submit.

On submission, the EPFO would allot the UAN and disseminate the same to the member through an employer.

  • And, the list of number will be available under the menu on employers tab. Here is the sample screenshot of the process.

Tagging Of UAN To New Members

  • Employers are required to collect the declaration form of the previous employment for each new employee.
  • Employers can either provide previous member Id or UAN to confirm prior payment.

Details of a member against the Member ID/ UAN (Universal account number ) as furnished shall be displayed along with “Confirmed/ Not Confirmed” radio button in Verification Column. In case the system finds out that there is a difference in name or DOB after conformation by an employer. The system automatically alerts the employer. In case if you find any problems do let us know by commenting here at the end of the post. Our team will clarify the doubts asap.

 The system alerts the employer to verify the details of that particular member. Post verification, records can be submitted.

  • Once the details were feeding, for new joiners.
  • Now, an employer has to press Form F11 to verify the details and generate the PDF of the same.

Now, the employer has to approve the pdf file that has been generated. In case if an employer is not satisfied he can just reject it.

  • Once, you approved, the pdf file will look alike as follows:

At the end, you can access the files under tab section as ” Approved PDF and Rejected PDF.

Activate Employee UAN Number

There you go the last process. This process either can be done by employer or employee.

But, we suggest employee can do this thing because the authorization pin and password can access by himself only.

In future, if he shifted to other company it will be easy for him to handle all the member Id’s under one account.

Here you go the process of activation of the new account. The EPF India launched a new UAN portal website thereby you can access all of the information under one portal.

  • The central government of India launched a new portal ( version 2.0 ) on Jan 1st, 2017.
  • All of the screenshots will be soon updated in this article. Check out the step by the process on how to activate the UAN registration number.
  • New Version ( 2.0 ) Official Link To Activate Your Account:

Once you check out from that link, now all you need to do fill out the form as shown in the web page.

  • Fill out all the details like as follows:
  • Enter your universal Account number
  • Enter your mobile number
  • Select the state
  • Enter Account Number

Once, you entered all the details shown as above. Now click on Get authorization pin.

Once the pin is verified, you can access to another web page where you can enter the details like username, password, and Email Id.

  • Username
  • Password
  • Email Id


The next step is to login via your username and password.

Username and password must be noted down anywhere for future reference.

  • Here is the link to login to employee member portal:



From here you can download the Passbook and universal account number card under the tab menu, as shown in the below image.

  • There you go Passbook here


  • And, UAN card download here


That’s it.

Benefits Of Having UAN Account For PF Holders

PF is one of the greatest innovation started early in the 19th century, and it was first established in Europe.

There are so many benefits will have of having UAN account number for PF holders.

In simple, the PF is the small amount which is deducted from your salary for every month until you quit the company.

The same method will follow by both private and government organization. Here are some of the benefits that you need to with UAN number.

1) Insurance Benefits: You can avail the insurance benefits, the insurance benefits will be provided through EDL ( Employee Deposit Linked Insurance )

2) Medical Benefits: If any emergency situation is occurred, then the company will pay the entire amount on behalf of you and deducted little bit of amount from your salary on every month.

3) Pension Scheme: PF has been usually divided into two sectors like as EPF ( Employee Provident Fund ) and EPS ( Employee Pension Scheme ) so you can avail the benefit of pension too.

3) Deduct More than 70%: If you have any  plan to start business, then you can take out the PF amount at any time more than 70-80%.

There were so many benefits were there for having a UAN account number.

The UAN number will joint all your PF member details at one point.

Thereby you can access all the PF account details at one place without any hustle. That’s where the complete benefits of having a Universal Account Number.

Main benefits Having a UAN Number

When you shifted from one company to other company, you need to either transfer your PF account ( only with UAN ) or withdraw the money.

But, as our lives are busy we haven’t even touched those accounts and by the end it’s very hustle process to gather those all accounts at one place.

Realizing this, the central government of India had started a new innovative scheme called ” UAN .”

Here we share some of the major benefits that you will have do check it out once.

  • UAN – Itself states that Universal Account Number. With that 12 digit unique number, you can access link all your PF accounts under one account.
  • High protection and authority on your account through PF. No other third parties will not interfere on your Pf accounts. Thereby you can access top level protection.
  • Now, the process of withdrawing your money is a very easy process. Because your bank account is now synced with the UAN and can transfer the amount accessible.
  • Download the Official Android App and receive all the updates.
  • With UAN account you will find out the how much money is deducting from your account at the end of each month. You just need to log in and check out there by itself.
  • Access all PF accounts at one place thereby reducing the chance of account lost.( Mostly It won’t happen with the help of UAN ).
  • Transferring your amount from one account to other account is quite an easy process. Here we share the complete guide on this topic hope it will help you out.

That’s the list of total benefits of having a UAN Number.

We do update this content whenever we came across any new updated about the UAN universal account number.

Most Frequent Asked Questions About UAN – EPFO India

Most frequent asked from our users. Check out the here. If you have any doubts related to any query then do post here.

Our dedicated team will help you out.

1. What is UAN?

A: In simple UAN stands for Universal Account Number. It acts a bridge between your all PF accounts and connects with high security.

2. How Do I Obtain My UAN account number?

A: Contact your employer. If you already submitted the necessary KYC documents to your employer, it’s time to contact them for your UAN number.

3. Once, I obtain my UAN registration number how can I activate it?

A: Simple, just log in here, but before that, please do read out our guide that we have shared above.

4. The old portal seems to be down? How Can I access new portal?

A: We do already share a new version ( 2.0 ) portal. In case if you missed it here we go:

5. How Can I Create username? Was I unable to login to the portal website?

A: Have you activated your account? Without activation of your account, you can’t access to login. Please do check out the above images.

6. How can I download the passbook?

A: It’s so simple just log in to the portal website using your username and password.

Thereby at top right column menu, you can access to view or download pdf of your passbook.

You can even access to the UAN registration number Id card.

7. What is the purpose of Listing previous Member Ids?

A: From EPFO: The idea is to list multiple Member Identification Numbers (Member Id) allotted to a single member under single Universal Account Number.

This will help the member to view details of all the Member Identification Numbers (Member Id) and further enable to check the eligibility for online transfer claim through the options ‘List Previous Member ID’ and ‘View’ from the Menu ‘Previous Member ID.’

In future, there is no need to list the member ids as it will be linked automatically by Form-11 information.

Member needs to disclose his/her UAN/Previous Member ID to the new employer through Form-11.

8. Unfortunately, My KYC documents are uploaded wrong. Is there any way to upload or make any changes in it?

A: Yes! You can make necessary changes through your portal login page.

Once, you upload or modify any documents. The view option will show as pending until the employer accepts that.

Once he accepted. you will get a notification as ” Modified “.

9. If my mobile lost? And, now I have taken a new number, is there any way to change my mobile number?

A: Yes! Just log into UAN registration portal web page and thereby you can access to change the mobile number.

Make sure you have working number to receive OPT. Even you can change your E-mail Id too.

10.In the case of change JOB do I need to get another UAN registration number?

A: No! You don’t need to get another UAN ( Universal account number ) number.

It’s a unique number and will remain same throughout your career.

11.Have I few more doubts about UAN registration OR UAN?

A: Just leave a comment here our team will help you out related to any query as soon as possible.

If you have any doubts related to universal account number do comment here at the end of the post.

Our team will look in to this and will solve your problem as soon as possible.

Find Out More On EPF Here :

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