UAN Activation: How To Activate UAN Account Online

UAN activation A complete guide on how to activate your new UAN account. The following guide was written by an author Poorna Chandra who had into the field of personal finance with more than 10+ years of experience check out guide on UAN Activation.

If you need to know any more information about the latest changes in universal account number details you can comment here at the end of the post one of our dedicated team will help you out regarding this issue.

Moreover, the EPFO India launched a new version ( 2.0 ) website for both employers and employee’s to check out the details with a simple user interface.

All of the details like help pf transfer online, check epf balance will be were easy process for employees. Here we share complete method on how to activate UAN account. If you encounter any problems with the process of an activation do comment here at the end of the post our team will help you out – Read more : EPF Online Payment Procedure.

The epfo India had launched a version 2.0 portal while writing this article we shared the old portal screenshots. Soon, going to upload new Images.

Step By Step Process For Activation Online

Before we published this article on UAN Activation in 2016, we wrote the article as per 2016 version ( 1.0 ) portal website and all the screenshots are provided here as perversion ( 1.0 ) and version 2.0 2017.

Since the process for the UAN activation seems to be same as the version ( 2.0 ) somehow. we kindly suggest you scroll this web page and read out the information on how to activate your UAN account – Soon, we are going to remove the version ( 1.0 ) article here.

  • Employers’ : will do create a new UAN account on behalf of you. Once they do create a new account, they will let you know the details and proceed the next step for of your account.
  • As an Employee, you are the responsible here for the process. Here we share the details on how to activate your new account within seconds.
  • In case if you missed any details like pf number or account number, please do contact your employer. All of your details are available at employers desk.

Process Of Activation Your Account

First of all, you need to visit the official link here ( ) to proceed the process. ( Link is Broken, kindly check the version ( 2.0 ) portal guide below, sorry for the inconvenience as EPFO India made sudden decision on this )

Once you visited the official link above, the page will look alike as follows. Check out the screenshot Image here.

Activate UAN

  • For sample purpose, this is the way to fill out the details of your account to proceed the authorization via OTP.

Now, all you have to is fill out the details as per mentioned in the form. The details will be represented as follows:

Once you filled out the details now, the next step is to get authorization pin to proceed for Activation. Make sure that you need to enter your mobile number accurately.

In case if you, unfortunately, entered the wrong mobile number, then please do close the window and open it again to proceed as per follows.

After you verified the details and authorized your account by OTP. Then the next step is to create an account ( only if your done with UAN Activation ). Here is the sample screenshot once you approved your account, the page will redirect to a new webpage which will look alike as follows:

On the next page you will be asked to fill out the details as like follows:

  • UserName ( Chose best username as per your convince )
  • Password
  • Email ID

Make sure not to make any mistake while filling out those details; those are case sensitive. Those login details will stay forever with you after employer done with the UAN registration.

  • We do highly recommend to change your password for every six months to protect your account.

Once, you fill out the details you can log in to your account with your credentials. Please note down your account username and password for login purpose – only after UAN Activation procedure completed.

Here is the official link (Link Broken, kindly check version ( 2.0) guide below ) to login to your account. This is how the web page will look alike once you checked into the login page after you completed Activated online.

  • Now, login to your account with your credentials that have been created on portal.

At the end of the top right menu bar, you will see an option to download passbook and UAN card. You can even find out more information from your account. Version 2.0 link has been updated on UAN Activation portal page.

However, if you click on download Passbook it will look alike followed by:

And, download UAN:

That’s it! How easy it is right. You can extract much more information from your employee portal account. We cover most of the information on here do check it out.

Previous Member Id

  • Check Your ” Previous Member Id,” at top right menu bar in a portal website once you done with UAN Activate process.


To get listed all your previous member Ids. In case if any of your Member Id’s are not included in that account we kindly suggest you contact your employer. Basically, it won’t happen.

With the help of unique universal account number, all your previous member Id’s are listed on your account. Thereby you can easily access your detail and further by transferring your amount from one pf account to another account.

PF Transfer

It’s time to get into the actual process. With a single click you can transfer your pf amount. Here we share the complete guide on how to transfer your PF amount: Guide here do check it out.

Once, you checked your previous member Id’ there is an option to check eligibility for online transfer claim. Just click on ” check eligibility, ” and you will get to know the stats whether you be eligible or not.

pf transfer eligibility

  • Once, you came to know that you are eligible for online transfer claim then all you need to check on ” File Transfer Claim .” As shown in the following image.


Thereby you can claim your application. Once you did with the claiming, you can check your stats. For more information you can check out here hope it will helps – More Information On EPF Payment Here. Also, if you have any doubts about the online or filling out form then do comment here.

Changing In Profile Details

How to change your profile details ? This is mostly happen when some one lost their contact number or mobile phone or even forgot their login credentials during the process of UAN activation.

  • Just go ahead and click on ” Profile “ you can get immediate access to:

your UAN Profile

  • Edit Mobile Number
  • Edit Email Id
  • Updated KYC Information
  • Change Password

If you would like to change mobile number:

Update your KYC Details:

  • Permanent Account Number
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Mobile
  • Ration Card
  • Passport
  • Driving License
  • Election Card
  • Bank Account Number/IFSC code
  • National Population Register

That’s the complete way to activate your new UAN account and further check your complete details.

In case if you have any doubts related to the following topics on then do comment here at the end of the post our team will help you out – Read more about on Universal account number registration.

Updated – EPFO Launches A New Portal Website ( Version 2.0 )

Here we go on Jan 1st, 2017, the EPFO had made a some severe changes on their portal sites. Within a small time frame we received a more than 500+ requests on how to activate my new account as I was unable to access the Link as described in the article. Some times this new portal seems to be down, in that case we are requested to wait for some time to get it back.

Here is the version 2.0 portal website link :

We do then quickly check it out, and realized that EPFO has permanently removed the old portal website and launched a new portal aka ( version 2.0 ) on Jan 1st, 2017 – rest like UAN Activation procedure and interface will look alike same.

Q: Why EPFO made sudden changes to improve their portal website?

A: The answer is simple. As per our developer’s estimation, the old portal seems to be not such a secure and potential lack of weak security. With that at any time, the site may get hacked, and one more reason is due to over traffic.

Consider those all things they came up with the new Idea and launched a new portal website with more added security.

Simple User Interface: an Old portal website is little bit messy. So many links to each work. Users are pretty annoyed with that and ended up.

Only Two Portal’s: Previously you need to check on member esewa portal, employee portal, employer, etc. Now, you have only two one is for employers and another is employees.

Maximum Security : This time UAN, EPFO added more security to their portals. And, it seems to be they will stick forever.

Process Of Activation: Since, the process of UAN activation is quite same as the old one. Just a small change in their user interface.

That’s the comprehensive benefits with a new version ( 2.0 ) website. Here we share a little bit of information on how to activate your new UAN account under ( version 2.0 ) portal.

  • Here is the official link: Link Here

Once, you visited that link – the web page will look alike as shown in the following Image. Note: The portal is still under beta testing, may be the page will not same as like the one below Image.

Same as like above one, here also you need to enter all the details like:

  • UAN number
  • Member Id
  • Mobile Number
  • And, authorize your account with your mobile number by one-time password.

Once you successfully approved your account by OTP. That’s it you have successfully completed UAN Activation and rest is as follows:

Then the web page will redirect to new page where you need to enter the details as like follows:

  • Username
  • Password
  • Email Id
  • Confirm Email Id

That’s It! The rest of the information flows as like as same above mentioned old portal like:

  • Previous Member Id
  • PF Transfer and Claim Status
  • Edit Your Profile

How simple it is right!

Note: Sometimes the new version 2.0 portal ( links mentioned above ) may seem to be down. In that case, we kindly request you to check out those links after some time.

We have no particular idea why this sites are down at regular interval of occasions. Hopefully, the EPFO government will look into this issue and resolved it asap.

Most Frequent Asked Questions On This Topic:

We have covered most frequent asked questions on this topic. If you have any doubts regarding this issue, do leave a comment here one of our team members will be in touch with you.

1) To whom can I contact regarding my UAN number ?

A: Your employer. Once you joined any company, the business company employers will take the process of your UAN number.

In case if your previous employer created an account on your name and address. Then all you need to activate that one and linked the member I’d to this new Id.

2) There is also an option to create UAN account on employees portal? Who will create the UAN account ? Employer or we ( employee ) ?

A: Usually, it is employer responsibility. But, even you can create that account and send the necessary documents to the employer such that they need to verify it once before it gets activated.

3) Why the new version ( 2.0 ) portal is not working?

A: On Jan 1st 2017. The EPFO india launched a new version ( 2.0 ) portal website. It’s still under beta version. As per our estimation, it will take around 1month to get in perfect stability.

4) My previous member Id’s are not showing on the portal ? To whom I can contact?

A: If the previous member Id’s are not showing then in that case, please do contact your employer. And submit the original documents that have been filed same as for previous Id.

5) I changed my KYC documents, but the stats is still not verified?

A: Once you made necessary changes in Have I. The employer needs to verify those reports. Once it was done, the status will show as ” Verified .”

6) I have a few more doubts about the process of UAN activation ?

A: If that was the case, then do leave a comment here. We can help you out.

If you have any doubts on UAN activation procedure. Then do comment here. Our Team will help you out related to any query.

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