PF Transfer Online: A Definitive Guide By Experts – 3 Rules

PF transfer details : Complete Guide and other information.The following guide will let you know the complete details about the pf online, and epf transfer claim status online in India 2016.

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The central government of India has implemented the new scheme to request your transfer status much more efficient and transparent.


The flow of process and registration is quite easy, we do share out the complete guide below do check it out. If you have any doubts regarding pf transfer or claim pf online status do comment here at the end of the post or dedicated team will help you out.


Claiming of your employee account is little bit confusing our guide will let you know the flow of process is entirely understandable. 

Once you fill all such pf transfer request the employer will verify/correct member details and approve the request via online portal website. For online application process , the digital signature of class 2 of the authorized person request is mandatory.

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We do also written the complete guide, below this info-graphic do check it out.

PF transfer Infographic

The eligibility criteria of pf transfer and status has been shared over here do check out. Make sure do follow out the complete guide that we are shared over here.

If you have any doubts related to the information about, do comment here at the end of the post our team will help you out related to this query online or whatever doubt related to this guide.

Eligibility For Filling Online Transfer Claim Application & Status


The Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation India had official launched a guide in order to share the complete information about the PF transfer status.

While it may be available on their official site, we do make certain changes in a view to understand quickly.


Below is the complete step by step information about the eligibility criteria for filling the online pf transfer, further by Important guidelines, process for filling online process flow of uan registration, frequently asked questions about pf  status.

  • The Employee must be registered on epf India website (  uan member portal to file and online pf transfer claim application).
  • The Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation have certain pre-requests with a view to filing online ).
  • The availability of member’s ID’s EPFO data base and registration of digital signatures of authorized signatures.
  • The EPFO member first has to check eligibility to claim online via an: official link here.

Note .1 : ( Must Read )

Due to some technical issues, the check eligibility link is broken. We do update this article whenever EPFO releases a new portal link website to check eligibility ).

Note : 2 ( Must Read )

In order to know, whether your previous account is eligible for transfer claim. You must need to login to your member portal account.

At top menu bar you can access ” Previous Member Id’s ” Where you can check for eligibility.

transfer online PF

  • Between, New version ( 2.0 ) For Employers : Link Here
  • Version ( 2.0 ) For Employees : Link Here

Check Eligibilty Link Is Broken – Don’t consider The Following Image. Before, the link is alive, the page will look alike.

The portal has been divided in to three sectors: 

  • Details of previous account ( which has to be transferred ).
  • Details of Present account.


All you have to do is to fill out the details which were mentioned on that portal website.

Make sure to enter all of the details accurate. Once, you were done now click on check eligibility ( you must login to check your eligibility ) for epfo online transfer from one account to another account via online.

  • Once, the details have been matched, and it has shown as your current pf account has eligibility for epfo transfer online in India 2017.

The process of further steps has been categorized in to three sectors as follows :

  • Process of Registration On member portal ( Mandatory )
  • Process of Filling Online Claim procedure ( Mandatory )
  • EPF Transfer claim status check online

Now, you can proceed with the further steps which have been shared below like process of claiming the pf transfer status and flow of registration online via epfo India 2016.

Process Of Registration On Member Portal ( For Employer’s )


To transfer pf online via EPFO official website all, you need to carry out the certain task which were shared below by step by step wise. If you have any doubts related to the information about epf transfer or online pf transfer claim status you can do comment here at the end of the post our dedicated team will help you out related to this query online in 2016 Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation.

The process of pf transfer online registration as follows:

  • The official website link to register ( For Employer’s only ) as: Now, all you need to click on Member Portal under for Employees on the home page of epfo official website.
  • Once,you click on that link the following image will appear ( In order to claim pf transfer procedure you must register first as shown below ).

Registration online Transfer

  • Now , the actual screen will appear as follows, fill up the application form as shown below and choose at the at least one document as listed below :
  • PAN number
  • Aadhaar Number
  • NPR ( National Population Register )
  • Bank account Number or Voter Id card
  • Driving license or Ration Card Or Passport Number

Note : As per EPFO rules and regulations, you can use multiple documents for login purpose, but the one first document that you used for registration cannot be edited at the later stage.

NOTE : The above registration process steps for Employers. Once the employer created an account, he then assigned PF and UAN number to you ( Employee ).

NOTE ( For Employees ): If you already have an account, then you can login here and further proceed the online pf transfer.

So , please be careful while choosing your document online – EPFO transfer claim status official.

Once, you were done the methods that we were shared above now ; you can log in via epfo member portal website to claim your online pf transfer and find out the pf transfer claim status online 2016.

Process Of Filling Online Transfer Claim ( Read Step By Step ) With Images


The process of filling pf transfer claim, online all you need to read out the complete step by step guide which we were shared below so that you will get an idea. In any case if you require knowing more information about epfo transfer and status do leave a comment here at the end of the post our dedicated team will help you out related to this query online. The flow of claiming the pf transfer status and procedure has follows :

If you were eligible for epfo transfer ( which were mentioned above ) on portal website.

Now, the next step is to register your account on the official website which were mentioned above already.

  • If you already have an account all, you need to log in as shown in the following figure.

Login to apply for transfer

Once, you were login into that pf transfer website, the screen will look alike in the following figure.

Note 3 :

In any case if the images did not appear as we shown here , means the portal of the epf website is updated to the latest version ) Do let us know in any case our team will take fastest ensure action and update the current version of the article.

Once, you were logged in to that screen, check out the menu header bar where you can see as follows:

  • Request for Transfer account
  • View Transfer of claim status


  • Now, all you need to click on ” Request for transfer account .”
  • Once, you proceeded with that an online application form will open ( in a uan portal way ) to file an transfer


  • The online application form has been divided into three parts as ” Part A and ” Part B ” and ” Part C” First, you have to fill up the ” Part A “ as per instructions followed by ” Part B ” and “C.”pf-portal-transfer-status
  • In ” Part B ” Registration You have to fill up the PF account N.O and to retrieve the details online.
  • Once you were done, it automatically displays the information like name of the company establishment, address of the establishment.
  • EPF account held by EPFO office, and other information to  the pf details and claiming of EPFO status.


Now , you have to fill up the ” Part C “, Now in part c you have to enter your present pf account and click on ” click here to get details online “.

As usual all of the details will be displayed as follows. If any of the details were missing in that form, we are request you to fill out the complete application form there by it self in order to know your pf transfer.

  • Now, the member will have the option to get the claim attested through a previous of his/her employer or present employer.
  • Once, the application form is completed filled up you can check out the ” Preview Button .” The preview will look as alike follows:

pf online

Once, you think everything is correct then all you to do is get PIN. The PIN is an authorized secure.

Now, once the PIN verification is completed you will get a claim form which has been saved in the system.

Now ,printout that file sign it and submit to the employer chosen by the member to complete the process of claim online.

Tranfser epfo

  • Now printout that file sign it and submit to the employer chosen by the member to complete the process of claim online.


  • Member has the option to get his/her claim form attested by the present or the previous employer.
  • However, if the present establishment is exempted, the member can submit his claim only through the present employer as the Bank Account No.
  • And IFS Code of the exempted trust would be required to be furnished for transfer of P.F. accumulations to the bank account of Trust.

In case the Previous Account was maintained by PF Trust of the exempted establishment, the member should submit a physical Transfer Claim Form (Form 13) to the Trust.

while submitting Online Transfer Claim Form (Form 13) to the PF Office for transferring the service details under the Pension Fund to the new account.

In such case, the physical Transfer Claim Form (Form 13) to be submitted to the Trust would be available for print from the data entered by the member while filing online claim on the UAN Portal.

  • The member is required to take the printout of the submitted online claim application, sign it and submit it to the employer, previous or present, depending on the option chosen by the member while submitting the online claim.

Most Frequent Asked Questions About PF Transfer:

We cover the most of the questions about the Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation transfer here do check it out. If you have any doubts do let us know. Our team will help you out related to this query online.

1) Is it necessary to register on member portal to transfer claim online? Is there any option to do without registration ?

A: The Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation ( EPFO ) had not launch any of that kinda portal website. You must register first as per the UAN guide and claim the pf transfer online.

2) What are the pre-requisite conditions to file the Transfer Claim online?


  • Both present and previous member ( P.F account number id mandatory ) and it should be available in the EPFO website database.
  • The employer should have registered the digital signature certificate of his authorized signatures with EPFO.

3) How Can I find out that A’m eligible to file the pf transfer claim online ?

A: We already share the link above in order to know the eligibility of your account with complete procedure do check it out 🙂

4) Why my member ID is not available in EPFO data base ?

  • A: May be the member is not yet submitted the ( Electronic Challan Cum return [ ECR ] having the member identity card.
  • If you submitted the ECR it may take some time ( around week ) in order to update in their portal website.

5) Can I edit my personal details in EPFO database ?


  • Yes! You can change the profile details.

Want to know any more information related to EPF transfer claim status ? Do comment here our team will help you out 🙂



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  1. Naresh Kumar

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    1. Support225


      The EPF India has launched a new version ( 2.0 ) website with a better user interface. We updated the article with those links in it please do check it out.

      Between, transfer claim status version (2.0) seems to be not yet launched. One, they launched we will let you know.

    2. Support225


      The EPF India has launched a new version ( 2.0 ) website with a better user interface. We updated the article with those links in it please do check it out.

      Between, transfer claim status version (2.0) seems to be not yet launched. One, they launched we will let you know asap.

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