OTCP: Online Transfer Claim Portal For Employee – Guide 2017

OTCP Portal: Online transfer claim portal and list of complete information on how to proceed for provident fund transfer online via EPFO member portal. The following guide will let you know the complete details and most frequent asked question about the Online transfer claim portal– Check EPFO claim status

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Update: On Jan 1st 2017, the EPFO India had made sudden change in their otcp online transfer claim portal website, employee portal. Where people now unable to proceed with the transfer claim as like before.

However, the epfo had made certain tweaks on their online  pf transfer claim portal.

Online Transfer Claim Portal Step By Step Guide

The following guide will let you know the complete step by step details on how to proceed the online transfer claim portal

We do also shared the info-graphic for you just below this tutorial paragraph.

However, we do also share rest of the information here about online transfer claim portal Do check it out.

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Before you proceed with the portal online procedure the first step that you need to follow is check eligibility of your previous account.

Check Eligibility Of Your Account First  (Step – 1)

The employee provident fund, launches a new portal where the employee can able to check their account stats of previous account with out logging into the account.

For this purpose, you don’t need an UAN account. You can just simply visit the link here and there by you can check the eligibility first.

  • Here is the official Link to check eligibility for otcp : online transfer claim portal : Link here

Once you check out that link the webpage will look alike as shown in the following figure.

Online Transfer Claim Portal

Make sure to fill out all the details that we are shared on the eligibility portal website for online transfer claim portal ( OTCP ).

The check eligibility has been divided into two categories as like:

  • Details of previous account ( The account which has to be transferred )
  • Details of present account

Now, all you need to fill out those details with out any mistake.

In case if you have no idea about previous account. Then you can check your payslip.

Once, your personal have been matched: It has been displayed has ” Your eligible for transfer claim.

please do login to otcp employee portal for further details and proceed the pf transfer online process with the help of the online transfer claim portal website.

Update: The Above Check Eligibility Link Has Broken, seems to be the EPFO India has blocked their resources. In order to check the previous account, you must access the EPFO member portal with the UANLast updated on FEB 14th 2017.

Login to your account now ( If you have no account, then check out our guide about UAN registration online below )


  • You must register new UAN account – Employer will do that for you.
  • Collect the UAN number and activate the account – Here is the complete step by step guide to activate your account.
  • The Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation have certain pre-requests with a view to filing online ).
  • The availability of member’s ID’s EPFO data base and registration of digital signatures of authorized signatures.

UAN Registration Online ( Skip This Guide If You Have Account)

In order to proceed to online transfer claim portal you will need to register an universal account number.

The universal account number is 12 digit unique number.

Where employer can assign to employees and linked up with the provident fund number.

This Idea was first implemented in 2014 March, for the people to check pf balance, uan status also get to access the online transfer claim portal.

  • It is mandatory that every employee should have an UAN number.

Below we shared the complete step by step guide on how to register for a New UAN account and Allocate.

Step By Step For Registering The UAN Account

With the help of the universal account number you can now access all the benefits which were offered by central government in India ( EPFO, Act 1952 ).

For Employees : Basically, creation of Universal Account Number is Employer Responsibility.

For Employers : If you were employer and looking for to create a Universal account number for your employees in order to access the OTCP Portal ( Online transfer claim portal access ).

Then you must check out our simple guide about the process of registration online.

If you are a employer, first you have to create an account on EPFO website in order to access the OTCP Portal for your employees.

Official Link : Here is the Official Link ( This is new Portal Version 2.0 Portal Website )

Once, you visited the website, the webpage will look alike. Just fill out the details and register your account on employer portal.

Step – 1 ( Learn How To Create Employee Data As Text File

  • First download the official tutorial guide : Here is the .zip version ( Don’t worry it doesn’t contain any malware )
  • Unzip the file: And , click on ecrpresentationwork.html
  • Read out the complete instructions.

When you click on ecrpresentationwork.html file, the offline webpage will look alike as follows.

Online Transfer pf

Step – 2 ( Collect the employees KYC documents And Upload it )

Now the next step is to collect the employees Kyc documents. Below we share the list of the kyc documents to get access.

Address Proof of documents:

  • Voter Id card
  • Ration Card
  • Passport
  • Driving License

Mandatory Documents:

  • Bank account number  + IFSC Code
  • Aadhaar card
  • Pan card

The above list of documents are mandatory.

Once, you collected those documents then the next step is to create a text file with those documents as shown in the above presentation.

Upload And Verify ( Step – 3 )

  • The next step is to upload and verify on your portal


Approve it now:


Once, everything is done properly. Then the employees can able to access the OTCP : Online transfer claim portal

That’s it.

If you need to know more information on how to allocate the universal account numbers to your employees then you can check out our guide here : Complete step by step guide to allocate the universal account number.

NOTE: As we came to know that new portal seems to not working properly due to over traffic.

We suggest you to assign the Id’s at night time ( Low Traffic Time Period ) to avoid any crashes.

Activate UAN Account ( V 2.0 )

This is for you ( Employees ). Once, the employer created and allocated a universal account number, the next step that you need to do is activate your universal account number with your personal details in order to access the OTCP online transfer claim portal.

Note : This is just to let you know that the old portal ( V 1.0 ) website is replaced by new version ( 2.0 ). Now, you can activate your UAN account without any problems.

Below we shared the complete guide to activate your account, then after you can access the ( online transfer claim portal ).

  • First visit the official v 2. link here: Link Here

Then you can access the ” UAN Activation link ” at corner of the website to get into OTCP Portal 2017.

OTCP : Online Transfer Claim Portal ( PF Transfer Guide )

Once the above two process were completed, universal account number registration process and activation. Then the next step is to proceed to online transfer claim portal(OTCP) website with your credentials.

So, alright! It’s time to put some work on your provident fund previous account. Lets get transferred mate via online transfer claim portal : OTCP

The online transfer claim portal ( OTCP ), is where you can do the process without any problems.

At the end of the top menu bar you can access the options like:

  • Request for Transfer account
  • View Transfer claim status


Just click on ” Request for transfer account ” option. This will takeover to the otcp claim portal.

The process has been divided in to three categories:

  • Part A
  • Part B
  • Part C


PART – A ( Basic Information ) 

There you go, first part out of three sections.

There is nothing much to do with this category.

All you have to do is fill up the basic information which shows on page. The basic info like:

  • Name
  • Mobil number ( No need , Just check if it’s right or wrong )
  • Email Id ( The one which you gave while are activated your account )
  • Bank account number of member
  • Ifsc code


That’s it.

Part – A required only basic information of employee. Make sure not to make any mistake while filling the Part -A.

PART – B – Previous Account Details

Once, you were done filling up the basic information in part – A. The next step is part – B. Here you have to fill out  ” previous account details “

The previous account details ( Personal information should must match with the current account ( part- c )

  • Choose State of previous PF office.
  • Chose Regional pf office.
  • Enter establishment number
  • Extension code ( If you have no idea, just left that )
  • Provident fund account number.

Once you fill out the details. It automatically retrieve your previous account details like date of birth, date of joined, date of left.

It also displays the other information like:

  • Name of the company
  • Address of the establishment

Part – B Ends!

PART – C – Current Account Details

The last section is part – C. Here in the part c. You need to enter the current provident fund account details in order to get attested and proceed the online transfer claim portal website.

Once you were done.

Once you successfully filled up the basic information.

You can check the preview just to let you know how the transfer claim copy look alike.

Here is the sample one: ( Preview )

The next big step is authorized the account with the help of the PIN via one time password.

The above step is mandatory, just to conform the person is not a robot 😛 just kidding man.

  • And, the last step is take printout of the form.

The member has an option to get attested by the employer: Basically you have two options here.

  • Get attested by the present employer


  • Get attested by the previous employer

If both of the employers were not present at the time of the attesting. Then you can proceed either from

  • Bank Manager
  • A Gazetted Officer
  • Notary Public

Important Points OTCP

In case the Previous Account was maintained by PF Trust of the exempted establishment, the member should submit a physical Transfer Claim Form (Form 13) to the Trust.

while submitting Online Transfer Claim Form (Form 13) to the PF Office for transferring the service details under the Pension Fund to the new account.

In such case, the physical Transfer Claim OTCP Form (Form 13) to be submitted to the Trust would be available for print from the data entered by the member while filing online claim on the UAN Portal.

Most Frequent Asked Questions about online transfer claim

Q.1 Is there any alternative way to transfer the provident fund amount apart from using otcp ?

A: Without accessing the online transfer claim portal, you can able to transfer the details via one employee – one EPF account

With the help of the one employee – one epf account ( Alternate version of OTCP ), you can link all your old provident fund accounts ( more than 10+ ) ans also transfer all at a time in a single click.

Official Link Here : Link One Employee – One EPF Account

But there are certain conditions:

  • Your UAN account must be activated.
  • Previous account personal details should match with the current account details.
  • If your universal account number is not yet activated, you can activate here.
  • If you have no idea about your universal account number you can track the status: uan status

Just enter the UAN number and mobile number. The portal will verify your account details and get authenticate by mobile number.

Q.2: From where I can download the Form 13 ?

A: Here is the link : Download form 13 from here.

Q.3: I don’t have an UAN number? How can I transfer my provident fund to my current account without online transfer claim portal.

A: Just fill out the form 13. Which we have shared above, and get attested by either previous or present employer.

Q.4 : The online transfer claim portal, is not working. Is there any option I can proceed with out logging into the otcp ?

A: Yes you can! There is nothing difference between online and offline.

You have to fill out the same application form 13. Which we have shared above.

Same as like : The offline application form 13 also divided into three categories.

  • Part-A ( Personal details )
  • Part -B ( Details of previous account, which has to be transferred )
  • Part -C ( Details of present account)

And get attested by either present or previous employer

The Form should be submitted to that PF Office under which previous or the present account is maintained, depending upon as to which employer has attested the claim.

(In case the claim is attested by the present employer, claim should be submitted with the PF Office under which the present account is maintained, and so on).

The mobile number (wherever provided) of the member would be used for sending an SMS alert informing him/her the processing of his/her claim and is non-mandatory for Physical form

NOTE: In case of attestation by the previous employer, time taken in settlement will be relatively less.

A.5 : How much time it take for previous account transferred into current account via OTCP or Offline?

A: It depends ! If all the personal details are matched you can expect anywhere between 10-15 working days.

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