EPFO Login: Login To Your EPF Account Online

EPFO login online: Here we share the complete step by process on how to login to your pf account and check your details online in India 2016. The central government of India had implemented the several ways to share the information via online about EPFO, however, there is no proper guide was available.

We already cover most of the information related to pf balance online here check out. The following article will mainly include the source of information about how to login into the epfo account and check out your complete details online about epf login online.

Moreover the epf India launched a new portal, we do update those information with new screenshots soon. Between, the new website was launched on Jan 1st 2017.

If you have any doubts related to EPFO login & want to required another source of information we are glad to help you out related to any type of query.

4 Simple Ways To Access The EPF Login Page

The purpose of login to the epf is to check your pf details  online and other important information related to your personal status which were updated by your employer.

However , you can check out the details on that web page which were shared here in order to check your EPFO login details online in india 2016. We covered best 3 ways to check your PF details here via epf login page.

1) UAN Portal – EPFO Login Here

You might be here most of the information all around the web were true to check out to the UAN official portal to find the information aka EPFO login page.

Where, you can access the information of whatever you needed the most about your status online. Here we shared quickly through a guide on how to activate your UAN account and find out the details on EPF india login.

Login to your EPFO

  • Here is the official link:
  • First of all, you need to register your account. The process of registration is quite easy.
  • The registration is done upon activation with your UAN and mobile number and further by you can access the epf login page.

Here is the link to register your account, further by you can access Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation login page. The process of registration has been shared below:

  • Official link to register your EPFO Login purpose information

Now, the web page will display will certain information which has been shared below to access the EPFO member login page online.

  • You must obtain UAN number along with member ID ( mandatory )
  • Your mobile number is necessary for registration purpose ( VIA OTP )
  • A member can only view their passbook stats which has tied up with their UAN number.
  • The passbook facility was not available for the members having an exemption under EPF scheme 1952.

Once, you visited the Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation web page the page looks alike in the above image where the details of information asked as follows:

  • Enter your mobile number
  • Enter your UAN account number
  • Select the state, once you were chosen the state it automatically display’s the nearby Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation office in that particular state, where you can access epf login page online.
  • Now, click on PIN. An activation number was sent to your mobile number.

Once, you were activated your account you can access the details of your information and can access the epfo member login page online ( Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation login info )

That’s the complete step by process to access your epf member login page.

There are numerous benefits for you once you were activated your UAN account and able to open the epf login page.The benefits were shared below as follows for Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation. If you need to know nay more information related to employee provident fund organisation, then do leave a comment here.

  • Upload or remove the existing documents
  • Check your PF balance via epf employee login page online
  • Download your UAN card and find the required information.
  • Your last month contribution and other information.

That’s the one way to access the epfo member login page and find the details of your epf employee login page details. Here we share another way to access your Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation account and check your complete information online in India 2016.

2) UAN Employee Login Page ( Under Beta Version )

The central government of India had started a new  portal website which is working under beta version can able to access the epf login web page and check all your Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation information in a single click with the help of your UAN account. The following details were shared below check it out.

epfo login page

  • Here is the official link for EPF login:
  • You can either register it has a member or employer
  • Once, you were done with registration, you can now access the epfo member login page.

You can access all of the information, and also raise any dispute for online helpdesk. One of the employees who has been working in their will hand over all your doubts and further by clarifying your query’s online via EPFO india login page ( Under Beta Version ).

This is the new innovate scheme was launched on sep’26 2016 to help the people who are facing the problems online in India regarding their epf employee login page. If you have any doubts related to the above information, do leave a comment here. Our dedicated team will help you out related to this query here about Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation.

3) Login Via Android Application

We have been already shared the complete step by step information about how to access the epfo login page via different methods and check your current account details on Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation india login website.

In any case, if the two of the above methods are not working properly.

You can check out via Android application which is more secure. Here we share step by a process to access the epfo login page via APP.

  • Here is the official link to download the Android APP
  • Once, you have downloaded the Application ; the on-screen will look alike in the following figure.

Where the options are stated as follows :

  • Member
  • Pensioner
  • Employer

As usual , you check in to the member area. And activate your UAN account further by track your application details via Android application. There may be other alternative to look at the epfo login page without downloading the Android application or any portal service all you need to access via single a message which we shared the step by step information below to get in to the epf login page with out logging in to the Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation portal page.

4) Missed Call Service ( An alternative Way )

Here , if you were unable to access the internet, if you don’t have any smartphone to access the details. Then here we share complete step by process to get the full details of your epf account via missed call service.

With the help of the missed call service you need not to check out the pf employee login page always. Once , you were activated every month on the date of 30th of the month you will automatically receive the balance amount of your PF account details.

Here is the number: 01122901406

  • Now, all you need to give a missed call to that number.

Once, you were done with the missed call service then you will receive a couple of your personal information which were stated as follows :

  • Name
  • PF statement
  • Date of birth
  • PF number
  • EPF employee login ( If activated )
  • Last month contribution

Once, you receive the details. Then ever month you are going to receive the details of your Epfo information via SMS without logging into the Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation. In any case, if you were unable to receive the SMS from the epf India login, in that case we are requested you to give missed call one more time.

That’s the complete step by a process to check out the epfo login page via different methods. If you think that you have come up with any new solution.

If you have any doubts related to the EPFO login. You can comment here at the end of the post. Our team will help you related to any query as soon as possible.

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