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EPF balance check: Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation and PF balance enquiry details. The central government of India back in 1952 was introduced this scheme. Back to so many rules and regulations has been changed the following guide will mainly teach you on how to find pf balance check and enquiry.

Please do refer to the table of contents so that you will get an idea about provident fund information – check more information:

Table Of Contents :

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What is EPF?


A: EPF is an ” Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation .” This act is merely applicable to the employee’s and employers who were working in either state or central government. This comprehensive law and schemes were administrated by a central government named as ” Central Board Of Trustees.


Employee’s provident fund ( under both state and central government ), further by 2006 an established site was launched where you can check pf balance and enquiry about pf balance enquiry via online.

There after so many changes had done including uan status and OTCP portal’s via online and today you can access the information in a simple wau which is shared below.

If you have any doubts regarding this pf balance enquiry online, or passbook statement, you can contact us or do comment at the end of the post our team will help you out related to this query – transfer pf claim status

Salient Features of ” Central Board of Trustee’s “?


Here we share some of the salient features of central board of trustee’s which you need to know as citizen of Indian:

  • The board is formed under the act of section 5A
  • The Act number 19 of 1952 ( Act19 of 1952 )
  • The tenure of the board is five years

6 Ways To Check Your PF Account Balance  Enquiry Online


According to the central government of India, this scheme ( EPF ) was considered to be as one of the largest act in India which has more than 122 official offices in India and more than 350+ employees who are handling the entire data of EPF account balance and inquiry details.

Whatever you can learn more about EPFO India details here.

The following article will mainly cover the list of complete details about on how to check EPFO balance enquiry online and pf inquiry details. # 8 ways here we shared.

  1) Register Your UAN number And Download EPF balance statement Or Passbook Online


For your kind information, the EPFO India has lifted the official link and moved on to the next level of a portal website for a better user experience to know your pf balance check.

But, before that you need to register with your UAN number  – UAN Registration Guide to know your EPFO balance online. The complete procedure was shared below have a look at it so that you will get an idea:

  • First of all, you need to register here with your UAN number: Official Link in order to know your epf balance enquiry.

Rules to follow while proceeding the registration ( Mandatory To Read )

As of now, Contribution received through ECR  for the wage month of Oct 2013 onwards  ) would be able to register themselves.

  • You must obtain UAN number along with member ID ( mandatory )
  • Your mobile number is necessary for registration purpose ( VIA OTP )
  • A member can only view their passbook stats which has tied up with their UAN number.
  • The passbook facility was not available for the members having an exemption under EPF scheme 1952.


There you go, once you checked out on the registration page, the page looks like a below image. Confirm that you went through official link only. Now the procedure was quite easy all you need to have following details of information along with you. If you have any doubts related to the information that we are shared about pf member balance online in 2017. Do leave a comment here. We respond to it asap.


  • Your UAN number
  • Your Mobile Number
  • Now, you are requested to select the state. The selection of state and an office is mandatory. Make sure not to make any mistakes while choosing.
  • Then after you need to enter the establishment code. Check over and over again to make sure you entered incorrect format only.


Now, click on get a pin, an authorization code was sent to your mobile number, enter that authorization code ( below the page ) and proceed to page. There you go all of your details will be displayed on the screen. You can avail various facilities:

  • Download your UAN card
  • Member passbook information
  • KYC documents & Modify the required KYC documents.

epf member balance

With the help of uan member portal you can easily find out your pf balance check, and also if you need to make any changes in the documents, you can just remove and upload to it as per your information.

For any pf balance enquiry, you can comment here at the end of the post.

Our Team will help you out related to this enquiry. Below is the another method to find EPFO account balance check.

2)Missed Call Service To Check PF Balance Or Any PF Balance Enquiry


The central government of India had realized that most of the people might not access to get the internet to check their epfo or pf balance inquiry via online in such case, a new innovate scheme was introduced to look at the epf balance or statement instead of visiting epf india gov in,  via missed call service.

The following article will mainly explain how to proceed to get the complete pf account balance enquiry details via missed call service. To proceed for missed call service, you need to have a required information that we are shared over here check it out 🙂


  • You must have a UAN number to receive the details via SMS and it must be activated – check uan activation guide

As we did explain above, that your UAN number must be synchronized with your mobile number, which is used to activate the UAN number. So, activation of UAN number is a must to find your EPF balance online via sms for any enquiry info.

  • Make sure that your UAN number must be added to bank account number or aadhaar card or pan card.
  • For security reasons, if you don’t have any one option that is listed above, you can’t verify your details via SMS service.
  • Here goes the missed call number service: Make sure to add that contact number to your list

Number : 01122901406

Once, you saved that contact number. Now all you need to give a missed call to that number to find your pf balance inquiry via offline member portal.

Once you send the details you will receive a reply from the PF India stated as follows: #EPF member balance via missed call service will be update with much more information.

  • Your name
  • Your EPF Balance details
  • Your Date of birth
  • Your PF number
  • Your last month contribution

How easy it is right? to check your pf account balance In any case, if you won’t receive an SMS. In that case, we kindly request you to check out after some time.

This mostly happens because of server load and it may not receive your details via missed call even though you make it.

If you own a smart phone then you can check out the epf member balance enquiry or pf account balance details via mobile app, further details have been shared below do look.

3) Android Application ( Simple way To Check EPFO Member Balance )

As we know how the technology has been changing for every type of information, an APP has been developed for any epf balance enquiry you can contact via APP.

According to global app development, at the end of the year of 2025, every information will be gathered into mobile app only varies from ( Windows, Android, IOS ) whatever.

Here we share the link to download the Android app. If you were unable to access the epfo member balance in that case reinstall the APP.


The process of installing is quite easy all you need to follow out the simple steps that we are shared here here:

  • Here is the link to download the app from android play store.
  • If you opened that link and you were unable to see an download ( install option ) in that case you can download APK version.
  • Here is the link to download APK version ( will availbe soon apk version )
  • Once you download the APK version, allow installing third part apps on your phone.

Now, the on-screen will look alike in the above following figure.

  • Fill out the details and check your EPFO member balance online via Android app.

People who were ever using Windows Phone and IOS phone the app is not at available.

Once the app is launched ( Windows and IOS ) we will let you know the details via email id ( Subscribe here ).

That’s the third most another way to find out the PF balance  enquiry via Android app.

If you encounter any problems while downloading the APP, do let us know our dedicated team will help you regarding this issue.

In any case if the app is stopped working while checking your PF account balance or statement then reinstall the App.

4) Via UAN Website

The following information has been already shared above. But the difference has been completely invariable, where you can opt for a one-time password, and you can further proceed to checkout to that website via EPF member and download the epf balance enquiry passbook / statement.

It’s not a just unique method you can even log;in whenever you want and make sure to note you a password.

If you forget your password, don’t worry you can retrieve here by following the guide as mentioned there.


  • Now checkout, with your required credentials.
  • Before you need to check in, you must need to activate your UAN number.
  • The activation process has been shared above do check it out.
  • Once, your UAN activation you can checkin and find your details via online.
  • You can even download epf passbook and check epf balance online.

That’s the another method to check your pf balance inquiry online.

If you need any assistance do let us know.

5) Via EPF India Online

There you go another method to check your epf balance online. According to epf India, they were soon going to launch a separate portal website to find your pf balance online and enquiry details via online.


Once the portal site launched epf India office portal will be no longer be accessible. All of your data will be moved to another official method where you can access to get.

  • Visit the EPF India online website
  • Once you checked on to that site. You can now enter the details as shown on the website.
  • Now, within a second, all your details will be displayed on the screen.

6) New Beta version ( EPF India easy method to register and know pf balance )

The following is another easiest way the central government of India has been launched beta version ( Beta: Under construction not yet fully launched But still accessible ). You can access this future in 7 of the following reasons.


  • To know your pf balance
  • Download your PF passbook, and pf balance quirky you can directly contact them.

Here goes the list of information that is available on that portal ( which runs on the local server ).

  • What’s my UAN?
  • Forgot password and mobile number changed
  • Incorrect details, name, date of birth, date of joined, ETC
  • Passbook problems
  • SMS is not received during UAN activation
  • Details not matched during UAN activation to check pf balance.
  • Form 11 Pending / UAN linking pending / with employer
  • KYC pending with employer

The above are the complete list of details that are available to rectify in online via pf India and enquiry, beta version. The purpose of launching is to solve the employee’s problem via online.

If you follow all the information that we are shared above and still you are unable to find your PF member balance then, in that case, you can easily check out what’s the problem, and you can even solve it via online too.

We hope you can access your Epf balance enquiry with the above information. If you need to know any more details required to pf balance enquiry and-and epf balance inquiry info.

Most frequent asked questions about PF member balance :

Here we cover most frequent asked questions that we got from the pf members:

1) I was unable to access the portal link ? Where can I find the new portal ?

A : On Jan 1st 2017, the employee provident fund India launched a new portal website. Where you can access all of the information without much effort. Here is the official link : Here

2) How can I know my pf status online ?

A: We do already cover the complete guide on this topic you better look into this: Pf claim status, If you have any doubts related to this guide do comment here.

3) How can I find my establishment code ?

A: Contact your employer. You can even find your establishment code from the official website here.

4) Can you shares what are the present rates of contribution ?

A: Yes there you go!

  • 10% Rate is Applicable for the following conditions :
  • An establishment which has less than 20 members being employed.
  • Any industry company which has been declared has board for industrial and financial construction.
  • The following Industries : Jute, brick, coir and guar gum factories.

5) How to locate an epfo office ?

A: Here we share an official link: Link here, once you check out that link you can able to access search portal where you can find your pf office. The search portal have two options to follow :

  • Know the EPF office having jurisdiction over an address
  • Know the jurisdiction of an EPF office

Choose either of the one.

6) There seems to be so many forms are there to claim the status ? Can you share what’s the actual form number that we are looking for ?


  • If you let one establishment and joined another one, then you need to check out form 13.
  • If you left one establishment and not joined other one , the you need to check out form 19.
  • If member died while in service before 58 years of age, then do check out form 20.

7) Is there any help desk available for epfo ?

A: Yes ! Here is the link for the member help desk: Link here, hope it will help you.

8) I have a few more doubts regarding the epf member balance?

A: That’s quite common! Leave the comment here. One of our dedicate member will help you out related to any query online.

Latest News From EPFO India :

13th Januray 2017 :

A Unified Portal for employers with UAN Based simplified Electronic Challan cum Return filing system was launched by EPFO on 23.12.2016. The uan member portal helps in submission of UAN based returns and challans.

epf member account balance

It has been noticed that due to increased traffic on the portal, many employers have faced some difficulty in upfront allotment of UAN, connectivity/login issues, website slowing down and also unfamiliarity of the new processes.

The Statutory dues are to be paid by 15th of every month. Considering the issues arising out of stabilization of the portal, it has been decided to allow a grace period of 05 for the month of December 2016 remittance which can be paid by 20th January 2017.

Jan 10th 2017:

In order to provide prompt services to all employers the epfo launched a ” EPF Technical Suvidha Centers “ have been setup under ANOCs – You can find centers here : Link Here

Jan 5th 2017:

  • EPFO launches a employees enrollment campaign, 2017
  • Limited time opportunity to the employers, to voluntarily declare details of all employees deprived of social security benefits.
  • Deceleration scheme is operational between Jan 1st 2017 to march 31st 2017.


Jan 1st 2017:


  • On Jan 1st 2017, the epfo India launched a new unified portal. With all the necessary changes in their portal, with better user interface and user security.

We do update whenever we came across any information related to epf member balance and pf balance details online in India.

If you have any doubts related to epf balance online, then leave a comment here. We do help you out.

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