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List Of Best Insurance Companies In India 2017 | Updated

Insurance is generally held against the risk of contingent uncertain loss in India.

According to the report in 2016 there are mainly, 24 companies in life insurance in India and the public sector company is  ( LIC ).

All other private companies but most of the all joint venture companies it is the combination of both public and private sector.

But the life insurance it is started in the public private and public sector and private and public sector in the year 2000 in India.

There are who is mostly private sector companies are decent one with a lot of offers but most of the companies are tied up with the International companies here is the list of top 10 life insurance company’s.

But the insurance schemes are also used for tax saving it is rather used for tax saving than investment scheme but there are many different companies and schemes that follows with the trade insurer entity provides us the insurance or insurance carrier

The individual who buys the schemes involved in the insurance are known as the policy holder by the help of insurance schemes we can minimize the loss involved in the activity


The headquarters is in Mumbai, Maharashtra

It contains nearly 1 lakh 20 thousand employees and the main theme of the company is the financial services

It is established in 1956 it is one of the most dominating company in India it is state owned insurance group it offers some of plans like insurance, pension plans, special plans and also some group schemes.

It has wide variety of plans some of the plans are Amulya jeevan, e-Term, new term assurance rider some of other plans are pension plans are Jeevan akshay, varishta pension bema yojana  and there are other micro insurance plan withdraw plan

  • Jeevan Nischay
  • Market Plus I 
  • Wealth Plus
  • Profit Plus 
  • Jeevan Aastha 

Complete List Here:

  • Money Plus-I
  • Jeevan Varsha
  • Child Fortune Plus
  • Fortune Plus 
  • Jeevan Saathi Plus 
  • Health Plus 
  • Samridhi Plus 
  • Pension Plus  
  • Jeevan Nidhi 
  • New Jeevan Dhara-I 
  • New Jeevan Suraksha-I
  • Jeevan Vriddhi
  • Jeevan Vaibhav (Single Premium Endowment Assurance Plan)
  • Jeevan Sugam
  • Two Year Temporary Assurance Policy 
  • Mortgage Redemption 
  • Flexi Plus
  • CDA Endowment Vesting At 21
  • CDA Endowment Vesting At 18
  • The Whole Life Policy- Limited Payment
  • Health Protection Plus
  • Jeevan Arogya Bima Account 1
  • The Whole Life Policy Bima Account 2
  • Jeevan Pramukh Jeevan Mitra (Double Cover Endowment Plan)
  • Anmol Jeevan-I
  • New Jeevan Nidhi 
  • Jeevan Amrit Jeevan Surabhi-25 Years 
  • Jeevan Bharthi-I
  • Jeevan Surabhi-20 Years
  • The Money Back Policy- 25 Years
  • Jeevan Mitra(Triple Cover Endowment Plan)
  • Jeevan Surabhi-15 Years
  • The Whole Life Policy- Single Premium 
  • Jeevan Anurag 
  • Komal Jeevan
  • Child Career Plan 
  • Child Future Plan
  • Jeevan Kishore
  • Jeevan Chhaya  
  • Marriage Endowment
  • Educational Annuity Plan
  • Jeevan Saathi
  • Jeevan Shree-I 
  • Jeevan Ankur  
  • The Endowment Assurance Policy – Limited Payment.
  • New Janaraksha Plan.
  • The Money Back Policy – 20 Years
  • Jeevan Tarang 
  • The Endowment Assurance Policy
  • Jeevan Anand 
  • Bima Bachat 
  • Jeevan Aadhar 
  • Jeevan Vishwas
  • Endowment Plus  
  • New Bima Gold  
  • Bima Nivesh 2005
  • Jeevan Saral  
  • Jeevan Deep 
  • Jeevan Mangal
  • Jeevan Madhur  
  • Jeevan Mangal
  • Amulya Jeevan-I
  • LIC’s Jeevan Shagun etc. A. Endowment Plan:
  • o   Single Premium Endowment Plan
  • o   New Endowment Plan
  • New Jeevan Anand
  • Jeevan Rakshak
  • Limited Premium Endowment Plan
  • Jeevan Lakshya
  • B. Money Back Plan:
  • New Money Back Plan – 20 Years
  • New Money Back Plan – 25 Years
  • New Bima Bachat
  • New Children’s Money Back Plan
  • Jeevan Tarun

Another major life insurance company in india is,


The headquarters is located in Mumbai it has around 7500 employees across India the main theme of the business is the finance and it is established in the year 2001.

The SBI life insurance is a  combination of joint venture company which is the combination of BNP and Paribas card is in the ratio of 74 and 26 it is one of the most growing insurance company in India it has nearly 95000 agents for the insurance and the official website of the company is

The SBI life insurance company offers pension plans life insurance plans but the rates of the insurance schemes like pension plans and insurance plans are at very economical rate it is India’s biggest private sector company in india  it has nearly 95.70% settlement ratio where most number of the problems solved by the insurance company it also offers different plans when compared to another insurance company such as saving plan , unit link plan , child plan, protection plan.

3. Birla Life Insurance Company

It was first established in 2000 and the main theme of the business is the financial services and it has employees around 133000 and the official website is this company is the joint venture of both Aditya Birla group and sun life insurance company.

But  according to the recent survey this company has exceptional growth it has earned good reputation in the insurance market it has experience of nearly 10 years.


The total company value is 21062 crores it has nearly 2.5 million customers and nearly 600 branches across india it is well known reputed company for unit linked life insurance company it has wide range of plans like the health plan , protection planand it has nearly settlement ratio of 88.45% which is good for the customers


The headquarters is situated in Navi Mumbai and it has nearly 1000 employees working in the company and the main theme of the company business is insurance plans and it is established in 2001 and official website of the company is .

It is one of the fastest growing insurance company in India  but in the year 2011 a Japan company named Nippon life insurance company accured nearly 26% of the company but the major share in the company is reliance.

But this is a part of the reliance group it has nearly 1.5 lakh active employees working in the company its annual income is nearly 15000 crores it has nearly 7 million customers and had nearly 1230 customers it offers some individual and group insurance plans.


The headquarters is held in united kingdom and it has nearly 15000 active employees and it has nearly 2 lakh agents for the insurance companies and it is established in 2000 and the official website of this icici prudential life insurance company is

This company is a joint venture between ICICI  and prudential in co united kingdom it offers a wide range of insurance products like child plan, protection plan and it has very good settlement ratio of  96.20% which is highest in the case of insurance companies.

It is one of the leading company in the private sector and prudential plus  but according to the recent report it is one of the top position amongst private life insurance company in india  it also provides different plans like unit plan , child plan, investment plan .


The head quarters of the company is situated in Mumbai and the main theme of the business is insurance and the company is established in the year 2001 and official website of the company is

This insurance company is a joint venture of the TATA group and AIG but TATA plays a major role in the TATA AIG insurance company this insurance company launches in many other various departments like,

motor,health,and accidental insurance the ratio of the investment in  the company is TATA process majority of the partnership with 74 % in the share and AIG group process 26% of the partnership it has nearly 2000 professionals working around the India and the insurance company branches is around 160 locations it has decent settlement ratio of nearly 89.68%.



The headquarters of the company is situated in Banglore in the state of Karnataka it has nearly 8000 employees and the main theme of the business is the insurance and it is established in 2001 and the official website of the company is .

It is one of the company which provides retrial plans to the customers it is almost around 200 cities in the country and it is one of the fast growing insurance company in the country with around,

1 million customers and this company is the joint venture combination of Exide industries and ING insurance international B.V.ING and it has good settlement ratio of nearly 85 percent



The head quarters of the company is situated in pune in the state of Maharashtra and it has nearly 1000 employees and it was established in the year 2001 and the main theme of the business is the insurance and the official website of the company is

It offers many insurance plans like unit plans also in the field of motors and also pension plans this company is the joint venture of the company BAJAJ AUTO and ALLIANZ company  and it has impeccable settlement ratio with 98.10% in the insurance field.


The head quarters of the company is situated in new Delhi the capital state of the country and the main theme of the business is the financial services and it has nearly 8000 active employees working for the insurance company and it was established in the year 2000 and the official website of the company is

In this company it offers insurance plans for every type, and this company is a joint venture company between the companies like MAX India ltd And MITSUI sumitomo insurance company.

It is one of the leading insurance company in India because the partner of the company is a member of MS AND AD insurance company the founder of the insurance company is analjit singh it has good settlement ratio of nearly 96.23%.


The head quarters of the company is situated in the revenue capital of India Mumbai in the state of Maharashtra with around 16000 employees the main theme of the business is the insurance and the company is established in the year 2000.

The main advantage of this company is the group of giant housing development finance corporation and the official website of the company is the founder of the company is hasmukhbai parekh and it is around 500 barnches in India the primary insurance policies of this company are in the fields of health, savings has quite good settlement ratio.

Top 20 Best Financial Blogs To Follow In India

All the companies of different sizes are searching for direction as they want to seek growth during these thunderous economic times.

Some companies are searching for better ways to deploy capital while others are fighting for survival.

It is during times such as these that many do not take much time to know the perspective on the risks that they face . However, the solid companies realize that having a better understanding of their unique risks to vital to their continued success.

These companies also realize that the risks that they face are ever-changing at both internally and externally .

The basic step is developing a better understanding of a external risk to conduct an Enterprise Risk Assessment which is based on companies strategy it is one of the objectives it serves baseline for measuring responses going forward also as the foundation for a border.

Enterprise risk management system As many company implements their ERM program it is critical that a culture of risk awareness rather than risk aversion is promoted a risk aware culture embraces risk as the flip aside to the reward they seek.

However simply identifying and measuring and mitigating risks is also part of achieving risk awareness an effective way to gain perspectives to examine how the business is evolving in relation to its overall strategies direction through risk awareness cycle.

 In addition to continue as a viable enterprise movement from one stage to the other is essential Without movement an enterprise will lose forward momentum and ultimately fail.

Finance is an area of running a small or big business where it is mainly helpful to have some expert advice in order to run or problems occurred in business financial blogs are broadly but blogs provide all the valuable information actionable tips for small business owners and entrepreneurs .

We have curated the list to give entrepreneurs and those for general who want better understanding of finance who want success in the finance field

There are some superb finance blogs in India to solve the problems of the business companies some are written by individuals who are experts in economics  or specialized in finance while some involve a collaboration between different contributors some of many blogs are run by well known news sites like the Financial Times and Wall street Journal.

Others by some research based center’s and many by individuals ranging from pro to amateur. Business blogs are a great source used for analysis and also used source of commentary and also provide some useful videos data charts and news to know the basic information of finance.

If you are looking for all manner business and economic news across India as well as the gossips on wall street and topics trending in internet blog business insider is the best blog to go it is not thinking man finance unfortunately more and more content on the blog is basically plucked from somewhere without a lot of genuine analysis or reporting but,

Business insider which is headed by former wall street analyst henry bloget does agood job of picking in stories.

A recent photo gallery of what hotels look like in brochures versus what they look like in person was a lot of fun And when blodget does write it is usually worth the click .

A recent story on why an analyst was fired from Merill Lynch a subject Blodget knows a lot about for writing negative reports about irish banks was very good read anlong with Blodget the site has areliable commentator in joe weisenthal though the length of articles like those on the rest of the site seems to have


It is mainly focused on all types and categories on taxes on tax guru you will find all the updated information on any and all taxes which includes recent circular Notification amendments and Case Laws These include amendments in income tax wealth tax MVAT DVAT PVAT company law service regulation labor laws corporate law goods and service tax.

They also provide various forms and some tools related to the taxes in excel and in word format setup in 2008

This blog is generally useful for finance professionals and entrepreneurs company secretaries accounts and other professional assistants it was launched in 2008 by sandeep kumar kanoj it is ranked as 8287 globally and it has face book likes nearly 25k and twitter followers 12k.


It  ranks about 13798 across globe whereas it has face book followers nearly 7k and twitter followers nearly4k it covers various articles on stock markets corporate and business news and mutual funds it also has a digital session to help the investors to know about their queries it also provides,

Financial articles on personal finance ranging from investment taxes ppf and banking it provides information in regional languages  also it is one of the channel in launched in 2010


It simplifies all the related concepts in filling income tax form nout EPF,PPF credit debt loan investing avenues fill form 15G etc it was started in 2011 by kirti  a woman software engineer from Bangalore facing problems of EPF not transferred income tax notice on her way to and from the office .

she spent time reading writing book on money for children once that was done she started writing about the money problems and questions she faced


It was setup in jan 2009 by manish chouhan and nandish desai manish is an engineer who has worked at yahoo but now is financial coach who conducts workshops they operate from pune nandish desai is an author and a financial coach.

They also started jagoinvestor school where you work on your financial life and learn personal finance they also started jagoinvestor school where you work on your financial life manish also authored books with network publications it covers topics in simple language such as personal finance insurance mutual funds credit cards EPF account frequency articles once a week.


It is considered as among the op 10 financial blogs in India it has nearly 4lakh views on Google and around 200 articles are published it is ranked around 42145 around the globe in the case of traffic control it Google page rank 2 it is an initiative started with the aim of educating each individual in dealing their financial life at any time through any means .


It has nearly about 909 articles and it has traffic rank of about 53646 globally it is ranked as first by Google page rank and it has nearly 2k subscribers it is also featured in top 30 financial blogs in India and top 61 personal financial blogs in India, it mainly deals with even urban Indian consumers are less aware about financial products and importance of financial planning money excel excels in personal finance investment financial planning insurance real estate stock market and other financial products..


It is a blog on personal finances the main aim is to present the information on financial product s in a simple unbiased and easy to understand manner this blog covers wide array of personal finance topics like insurance home loans banking services mutual funds tax planning stock markets commodities informed investors will take better financial decision.

If an investor is financial literate than no one one can mis sell financial products to him. It was founded by srikanth a certified financial planer


It started out as a mint as a name of a computer in the network of computers by a college student manshu later she converted in to one mint blog it deals mainly with technology and economics personal finance


It was setup by P V Subramanian he is a charted accountant he had a wide experience of trained people in mutual funds life insurance companies private sector banks brokerage houses and many big companies across India his blog subramoney conducts many workshops with corporate helping employs save better invest better equipping smart people with the tools to get richer


The founder of apna plan is amit who is an mba guy with a more certification from NSEa this blog gives all the information related to mutual funds insurance stocks fds loans taxes retirement smart shopping calculators


It is run by srikanta kundu a professional blogger on the daily financial news like home loan car loan educational loan mutual fund fixed deposit stock market salary accounts etc


It was founded by devashish and an SEBI registered investment advisor an mba from India’s premier b schools this blog helps small investors for better manage their investments and reach their personal financial goals it also deals with direct equity investments


It was founded by aswath damodaran who isprofessor of finance at the stern school of business ay NYU it was started in 2008 this blog educates by videos special charts by blog sharing and trending topic.