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List Of Best Insurance Companies In India 2017 | Updated

Insurance is generally held against the risk of contingent uncertain loss in India.

According to the report in 2016 there are mainly, 24 companies in life insurance in India and the public sector company is  ( LIC ).

All other private companies but most of the all joint venture companies it is the combination of both public and private sector.

But the life insurance it is started in the public private and public sector and private and public sector in the year 2000 in India.

There are who is mostly private sector companies are decent one with a lot of offers but most of the companies are tied up with the International companies here is the list of top 10 life insurance company’s.

But the insurance schemes are also used for tax saving it is rather used for tax saving than investment scheme but there are many different companies and schemes that follows with the trade insurer entity provides us the insurance or insurance carrier

The individual who buys the schemes involved in the insurance are known as the policy holder by the help of insurance schemes we can minimize the loss involved in the activity


The headquarters is in Mumbai, Maharashtra

It contains nearly 1 lakh 20 thousand employees and the main theme of the company is the financial services

It is established in 1956 it is one of the most dominating company in India it is state owned insurance group it offers some of plans like insurance, pension plans, special plans and also some group schemes.

It has wide variety of plans some of the plans are Amulya jeevan, e-Term, new term assurance rider some of other plans are pension plans are Jeevan akshay, varishta pension bema yojana  and there are other micro insurance plan withdraw plan

  • Jeevan Nischay
  • Market Plus I 
  • Wealth Plus
  • Profit Plus 
  • Jeevan Aastha 

Complete List Here:

  • Money Plus-I
  • Jeevan Varsha
  • Child Fortune Plus
  • Fortune Plus 
  • Jeevan Saathi Plus 
  • Health Plus 
  • Samridhi Plus 
  • Pension Plus  
  • Jeevan Nidhi 
  • New Jeevan Dhara-I 
  • New Jeevan Suraksha-I
  • Jeevan Vriddhi
  • Jeevan Vaibhav (Single Premium Endowment Assurance Plan)
  • Jeevan Sugam
  • Two Year Temporary Assurance Policy 
  • Mortgage Redemption 
  • Flexi Plus
  • CDA Endowment Vesting At 21
  • CDA Endowment Vesting At 18
  • The Whole Life Policy- Limited Payment
  • Health Protection Plus
  • Jeevan Arogya Bima Account 1
  • The Whole Life Policy Bima Account 2
  • Jeevan Pramukh Jeevan Mitra (Double Cover Endowment Plan)
  • Anmol Jeevan-I
  • New Jeevan Nidhi 
  • Jeevan Amrit Jeevan Surabhi-25 Years 
  • Jeevan Bharthi-I
  • Jeevan Surabhi-20 Years
  • The Money Back Policy- 25 Years
  • Jeevan Mitra(Triple Cover Endowment Plan)
  • Jeevan Surabhi-15 Years
  • The Whole Life Policy- Single Premium 
  • Jeevan Anurag 
  • Komal Jeevan
  • Child Career Plan 
  • Child Future Plan
  • Jeevan Kishore
  • Jeevan Chhaya  
  • Marriage Endowment
  • Educational Annuity Plan
  • Jeevan Saathi
  • Jeevan Shree-I 
  • Jeevan Ankur  
  • The Endowment Assurance Policy – Limited Payment.
  • New Janaraksha Plan.
  • The Money Back Policy – 20 Years
  • Jeevan Tarang 
  • The Endowment Assurance Policy
  • Jeevan Anand 
  • Bima Bachat 
  • Jeevan Aadhar 
  • Jeevan Vishwas
  • Endowment Plus  
  • New Bima Gold  
  • Bima Nivesh 2005
  • Jeevan Saral  
  • Jeevan Deep 
  • Jeevan Mangal
  • Jeevan Madhur  
  • Jeevan Mangal
  • Amulya Jeevan-I
  • LIC’s Jeevan Shagun etc. A. Endowment Plan:
  • o   Single Premium Endowment Plan
  • o   New Endowment Plan
  • New Jeevan Anand
  • Jeevan Rakshak
  • Limited Premium Endowment Plan
  • Jeevan Lakshya
  • B. Money Back Plan:
  • New Money Back Plan – 20 Years
  • New Money Back Plan – 25 Years
  • New Bima Bachat
  • New Children’s Money Back Plan
  • Jeevan Tarun

Another major life insurance company in india is,


The headquarters is located in Mumbai it has around 7500 employees across India the main theme of the business is the finance and it is established in the year 2001.

The SBI life insurance is a  combination of joint venture company which is the combination of BNP and Paribas card is in the ratio of 74 and 26 it is one of the most growing insurance company in India it has nearly 95000 agents for the insurance and the official website of the company is

The SBI life insurance company offers pension plans life insurance plans but the rates of the insurance schemes like pension plans and insurance plans are at very economical rate it is India’s biggest private sector company in india  it has nearly 95.70% settlement ratio where most number of the problems solved by the insurance company it also offers different plans when compared to another insurance company such as saving plan , unit link plan , child plan, protection plan.

3. Birla Life Insurance Company

It was first established in 2000 and the main theme of the business is the financial services and it has employees around 133000 and the official website is this company is the joint venture of both Aditya Birla group and sun life insurance company.

But  according to the recent survey this company has exceptional growth it has earned good reputation in the insurance market it has experience of nearly 10 years.


The total company value is 21062 crores it has nearly 2.5 million customers and nearly 600 branches across india it is well known reputed company for unit linked life insurance company it has wide range of plans like the health plan , protection planand it has nearly settlement ratio of 88.45% which is good for the customers


The headquarters is situated in Navi Mumbai and it has nearly 1000 employees working in the company and the main theme of the company business is insurance plans and it is established in 2001 and official website of the company is .

It is one of the fastest growing insurance company in India  but in the year 2011 a Japan company named Nippon life insurance company accured nearly 26% of the company but the major share in the company is reliance.

But this is a part of the reliance group it has nearly 1.5 lakh active employees working in the company its annual income is nearly 15000 crores it has nearly 7 million customers and had nearly 1230 customers it offers some individual and group insurance plans.


The headquarters is held in united kingdom and it has nearly 15000 active employees and it has nearly 2 lakh agents for the insurance companies and it is established in 2000 and the official website of this icici prudential life insurance company is

This company is a joint venture between ICICI  and prudential in co united kingdom it offers a wide range of insurance products like child plan, protection plan and it has very good settlement ratio of  96.20% which is highest in the case of insurance companies.

It is one of the leading company in the private sector and prudential plus  but according to the recent report it is one of the top position amongst private life insurance company in india  it also provides different plans like unit plan , child plan, investment plan .


The head quarters of the company is situated in Mumbai and the main theme of the business is insurance and the company is established in the year 2001 and official website of the company is

This insurance company is a joint venture of the TATA group and AIG but TATA plays a major role in the TATA AIG insurance company this insurance company launches in many other various departments like,

motor,health,and accidental insurance the ratio of the investment in  the company is TATA process majority of the partnership with 74 % in the share and AIG group process 26% of the partnership it has nearly 2000 professionals working around the India and the insurance company branches is around 160 locations it has decent settlement ratio of nearly 89.68%.



The headquarters of the company is situated in Banglore in the state of Karnataka it has nearly 8000 employees and the main theme of the business is the insurance and it is established in 2001 and the official website of the company is .

It is one of the company which provides retrial plans to the customers it is almost around 200 cities in the country and it is one of the fast growing insurance company in the country with around,

1 million customers and this company is the joint venture combination of Exide industries and ING insurance international B.V.ING and it has good settlement ratio of nearly 85 percent



The head quarters of the company is situated in pune in the state of Maharashtra and it has nearly 1000 employees and it was established in the year 2001 and the main theme of the business is the insurance and the official website of the company is

It offers many insurance plans like unit plans also in the field of motors and also pension plans this company is the joint venture of the company BAJAJ AUTO and ALLIANZ company  and it has impeccable settlement ratio with 98.10% in the insurance field.


The head quarters of the company is situated in new Delhi the capital state of the country and the main theme of the business is the financial services and it has nearly 8000 active employees working for the insurance company and it was established in the year 2000 and the official website of the company is

In this company it offers insurance plans for every type, and this company is a joint venture company between the companies like MAX India ltd And MITSUI sumitomo insurance company.

It is one of the leading insurance company in India because the partner of the company is a member of MS AND AD insurance company the founder of the insurance company is analjit singh it has good settlement ratio of nearly 96.23%.


The head quarters of the company is situated in the revenue capital of India Mumbai in the state of Maharashtra with around 16000 employees the main theme of the business is the insurance and the company is established in the year 2000.

The main advantage of this company is the group of giant housing development finance corporation and the official website of the company is the founder of the company is hasmukhbai parekh and it is around 500 barnches in India the primary insurance policies of this company are in the fields of health, savings has quite good settlement ratio.

OTCP: Online Transfer Claim Portal For Employee – Guide 2017

OTCP Portal: Online transfer claim portal and list of complete information on how to proceed for provident fund transfer online via EPFO member portal. The following guide will let you know the complete details and most frequent asked question about the Online transfer claim portal– Check EPFO claim status

Table Of Contents:

Update: On Jan 1st 2017, the EPFO India had made sudden change in their otcp online transfer claim portal website, employee portal. Where people now unable to proceed with the transfer claim as like before.

However, the epfo had made certain tweaks on their online  pf transfer claim portal.

Online Transfer Claim Portal Step By Step Guide

The following guide will let you know the complete step by step details on how to proceed the online transfer claim portal

We do also shared the info-graphic for you just below this tutorial paragraph.

However, we do also share rest of the information here about online transfer claim portal Do check it out.

Recent Articles:

Before you proceed with the portal online procedure the first step that you need to follow is check eligibility of your previous account.

Check Eligibility Of Your Account First  (Step – 1)

The employee provident fund, launches a new portal where the employee can able to check their account stats of previous account with out logging into the account.

For this purpose, you don’t need an UAN account. You can just simply visit the link here and there by you can check the eligibility first.

  • Here is the official Link to check eligibility for otcp : online transfer claim portal : Link here

Once you check out that link the webpage will look alike as shown in the following figure.

Online Transfer Claim Portal

Make sure to fill out all the details that we are shared on the eligibility portal website for online transfer claim portal ( OTCP ).

The check eligibility has been divided into two categories as like:

  • Details of previous account ( The account which has to be transferred )
  • Details of present account

Now, all you need to fill out those details with out any mistake.

In case if you have no idea about previous account. Then you can check your payslip.

Once, your personal have been matched: It has been displayed has ” Your eligible for transfer claim.

please do login to otcp employee portal for further details and proceed the pf transfer online process with the help of the online transfer claim portal website.

Update: The Above Check Eligibility Link Has Broken, seems to be the EPFO India has blocked their resources. In order to check the previous account, you must access the EPFO member portal with the UANLast updated on FEB 14th 2017.

Login to your account now ( If you have no account, then check out our guide about UAN registration online below )


  • You must register new UAN account – Employer will do that for you.
  • Collect the UAN number and activate the account – Here is the complete step by step guide to activate your account.
  • The Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation have certain pre-requests with a view to filing online ).
  • The availability of member’s ID’s EPFO data base and registration of digital signatures of authorized signatures.

UAN Registration Online ( Skip This Guide If You Have Account)

In order to proceed to online transfer claim portal you will need to register an universal account number.

The universal account number is 12 digit unique number.

Where employer can assign to employees and linked up with the provident fund number.

This Idea was first implemented in 2014 March, for the people to check pf balance, uan status also get to access the online transfer claim portal.

  • It is mandatory that every employee should have an UAN number.

Below we shared the complete step by step guide on how to register for a New UAN account and Allocate.

Step By Step For Registering The UAN Account

With the help of the universal account number you can now access all the benefits which were offered by central government in India ( EPFO, Act 1952 ).

For Employees : Basically, creation of Universal Account Number is Employer Responsibility.

For Employers : If you were employer and looking for to create a Universal account number for your employees in order to access the OTCP Portal ( Online transfer claim portal access ).

Then you must check out our simple guide about the process of registration online.

If you are a employer, first you have to create an account on EPFO website in order to access the OTCP Portal for your employees.

Official Link : Here is the Official Link ( This is new Portal Version 2.0 Portal Website )

Once, you visited the website, the webpage will look alike. Just fill out the details and register your account on employer portal.

Step – 1 ( Learn How To Create Employee Data As Text File

  • First download the official tutorial guide : Here is the .zip version ( Don’t worry it doesn’t contain any malware )
  • Unzip the file: And , click on ecrpresentationwork.html
  • Read out the complete instructions.

When you click on ecrpresentationwork.html file, the offline webpage will look alike as follows.

Online Transfer pf

Step – 2 ( Collect the employees KYC documents And Upload it )

Now the next step is to collect the employees Kyc documents. Below we share the list of the kyc documents to get access.

Address Proof of documents:

  • Voter Id card
  • Ration Card
  • Passport
  • Driving License

Mandatory Documents:

  • Bank account number  + IFSC Code
  • Aadhaar card
  • Pan card

The above list of documents are mandatory.

Once, you collected those documents then the next step is to create a text file with those documents as shown in the above presentation.

Upload And Verify ( Step – 3 )

  • The next step is to upload and verify on your portal


Approve it now:


Once, everything is done properly. Then the employees can able to access the OTCP : Online transfer claim portal

That’s it.

If you need to know more information on how to allocate the universal account numbers to your employees then you can check out our guide here : Complete step by step guide to allocate the universal account number.

NOTE: As we came to know that new portal seems to not working properly due to over traffic.

We suggest you to assign the Id’s at night time ( Low Traffic Time Period ) to avoid any crashes.

Activate UAN Account ( V 2.0 )

This is for you ( Employees ). Once, the employer created and allocated a universal account number, the next step that you need to do is activate your universal account number with your personal details in order to access the OTCP online transfer claim portal.

Note : This is just to let you know that the old portal ( V 1.0 ) website is replaced by new version ( 2.0 ). Now, you can activate your UAN account without any problems.

Below we shared the complete guide to activate your account, then after you can access the ( online transfer claim portal ).

  • First visit the official v 2. link here: Link Here

Then you can access the ” UAN Activation link ” at corner of the website to get into OTCP Portal 2017.

OTCP : Online Transfer Claim Portal ( PF Transfer Guide )

Once the above two process were completed, universal account number registration process and activation. Then the next step is to proceed to online transfer claim portal(OTCP) website with your credentials.

So, alright! It’s time to put some work on your provident fund previous account. Lets get transferred mate via online transfer claim portal : OTCP

The online transfer claim portal ( OTCP ), is where you can do the process without any problems.

At the end of the top menu bar you can access the options like:

  • Request for Transfer account
  • View Transfer claim status


Just click on ” Request for transfer account ” option. This will takeover to the otcp claim portal.

The process has been divided in to three categories:

  • Part A
  • Part B
  • Part C


PART – A ( Basic Information ) 

There you go, first part out of three sections.

There is nothing much to do with this category.

All you have to do is fill up the basic information which shows on page. The basic info like:

  • Name
  • Mobil number ( No need , Just check if it’s right or wrong )
  • Email Id ( The one which you gave while are activated your account )
  • Bank account number of member
  • Ifsc code


That’s it.

Part – A required only basic information of employee. Make sure not to make any mistake while filling the Part -A.

PART – B – Previous Account Details

Once, you were done filling up the basic information in part – A. The next step is part – B. Here you have to fill out  ” previous account details “

The previous account details ( Personal information should must match with the current account ( part- c )

  • Choose State of previous PF office.
  • Chose Regional pf office.
  • Enter establishment number
  • Extension code ( If you have no idea, just left that )
  • Provident fund account number.

Once you fill out the details. It automatically retrieve your previous account details like date of birth, date of joined, date of left.

It also displays the other information like:

  • Name of the company
  • Address of the establishment

Part – B Ends!

PART – C – Current Account Details

The last section is part – C. Here in the part c. You need to enter the current provident fund account details in order to get attested and proceed the online transfer claim portal website.

Once you were done.

Once you successfully filled up the basic information.

You can check the preview just to let you know how the transfer claim copy look alike.

Here is the sample one: ( Preview )

The next big step is authorized the account with the help of the PIN via one time password.

The above step is mandatory, just to conform the person is not a robot 😛 just kidding man.

  • And, the last step is take printout of the form.

The member has an option to get attested by the employer: Basically you have two options here.

  • Get attested by the present employer


  • Get attested by the previous employer

If both of the employers were not present at the time of the attesting. Then you can proceed either from

  • Bank Manager
  • A Gazetted Officer
  • Notary Public

Important Points OTCP

In case the Previous Account was maintained by PF Trust of the exempted establishment, the member should submit a physical Transfer Claim Form (Form 13) to the Trust.

while submitting Online Transfer Claim Form (Form 13) to the PF Office for transferring the service details under the Pension Fund to the new account.

In such case, the physical Transfer Claim OTCP Form (Form 13) to be submitted to the Trust would be available for print from the data entered by the member while filing online claim on the UAN Portal.

Most Frequent Asked Questions about online transfer claim

Q.1 Is there any alternative way to transfer the provident fund amount apart from using otcp ?

A: Without accessing the online transfer claim portal, you can able to transfer the details via one employee – one EPF account

With the help of the one employee – one epf account ( Alternate version of OTCP ), you can link all your old provident fund accounts ( more than 10+ ) ans also transfer all at a time in a single click.

Official Link Here : Link One Employee – One EPF Account

But there are certain conditions:

  • Your UAN account must be activated.
  • Previous account personal details should match with the current account details.
  • If your universal account number is not yet activated, you can activate here.
  • If you have no idea about your universal account number you can track the status: uan status

Just enter the UAN number and mobile number. The portal will verify your account details and get authenticate by mobile number.

Q.2: From where I can download the Form 13 ?

A: Here is the link : Download form 13 from here.

Q.3: I don’t have an UAN number? How can I transfer my provident fund to my current account without online transfer claim portal.

A: Just fill out the form 13. Which we have shared above, and get attested by either previous or present employer.

Q.4 : The online transfer claim portal, is not working. Is there any option I can proceed with out logging into the otcp ?

A: Yes you can! There is nothing difference between online and offline.

You have to fill out the same application form 13. Which we have shared above.

Same as like : The offline application form 13 also divided into three categories.

  • Part-A ( Personal details )
  • Part -B ( Details of previous account, which has to be transferred )
  • Part -C ( Details of present account)

And get attested by either present or previous employer

The Form should be submitted to that PF Office under which previous or the present account is maintained, depending upon as to which employer has attested the claim.

(In case the claim is attested by the present employer, claim should be submitted with the PF Office under which the present account is maintained, and so on).

The mobile number (wherever provided) of the member would be used for sending an SMS alert informing him/her the processing of his/her claim and is non-mandatory for Physical form

NOTE: In case of attestation by the previous employer, time taken in settlement will be relatively less.

A.5 : How much time it take for previous account transferred into current account via OTCP or Offline?

A: It depends ! If all the personal details are matched you can expect anywhere between 10-15 working days.

UAN Status: Check Your Status Via New Portal Online

UAN Status: How to check your uan status online? Here is the complete checklist and guide that you need to follow. Recently on Jan 1st 2017, the employee provident fund had made a big change in their portal websites. This websites were launched with a complete different URL and different structure page, and the process to check pf balance and other details were quite easy now compare with the previous version 1.0 portal.

What is UAN ?

UAN stands for universal account number. It’s a 12 digit unique number assign to each employee by their employer with the help of the official UAN member portal.

With the help of the UAN number you can able to access all the provident fund accounts under one account ( Previous and present accounts ) there by you can also able to transfer the provident fund amount easily

  • Below we do also share list of benefits and most frequent asked questions about UAN status online.

The new version of UAN portal was came in to existence on Jan 1st 2017. However, we came to know that portal seems to stop working during the peek time. If you were unable to track the uan status we are kindly advised to check out after some time. For list of complete details and information related to provident fund balance details – check out our guide here. To learn more about the finance news and mutual funds check out or guide here.

New Version Portal Website To Check UAN Status Online

Here you go the latest version UAN website. In order to check your universal account number status online.

Here is the version ( 2.0 ) Portal website : Access Link Here

This link works pretty fine without any problems. However, when you fetch your UAN status by filling out the application form you may see an error sometimes.

This mostly happens due to over traffic for the new member portal website.

This is the sample page, to let you know how it look alike:

uan status

Once you visited the page. Then after you need to enter the details as shown on that page:


  • Choose the regional office and state location.
  • From the drop down menu.

Alternatively, you can also check out from other options like ,pan card or aadhaar card if you have no idea about your provident fund number.

Make sure to choose the exact location of your establishment. If you done any mistakes, you can’t retrieve the UAN status. In case if you have no idea about your establishment number contact your employer. You can even search your establishment number by visiting the official website here. ( The old official website was down due to some technical problems by UAN India. We will update this article, whenever we cam across the new portal link.

Step – 2

  • Enter The Establishment Number.
  • If you have no idea about establishment number,
  • you can find via epfo search option. We shared this guide just below this article.

Enter The Establishment Extension, if you have no idea about your establishment extension. Just left that blank.

  • Enter PF member Id

UAN Status check


The PF referred to provident fund account number. The provident fund account number consists of max 7 digits. The number is mandatory in order to check UAN Status Online

The rest of the information as usual like

  1. Name
  2. Date Of Birth
  3. Mobile Number
  4. Email Id

Once, you entered those details you will let you know the status of your UAN number.

That’s it !

Why Old Portal Version 1.0 Removed ?

Have you ever wondered why the Employee provident fund India had made a sudden change in their portal and launched a new version? There are a couple of reasons that we do figured out and shared over here.

  • More security: The new version epfo member portal  added more security to their user credentials. Since, the website was hosted by
  • User Interface: The user interface was completely changed. The new user interface now super simple and anyone can easily understand. As compare with the previous one.
  • No More Extra Portals: Only two portals was launched one for employees and another one was for employers.

The previous websites will have an different member e sewa portals, for each individual article. For example in order to search pf transfer status, you need to access this link. And, now it’ nowhere available.

That’s the complete list of new features. However, there are certain things that epfo government need to improve for both employees and employers.

List Of UAN Benefits

If your UAN status were not available. Just don’t give up on that, because you have no idea how important is to be to having a UAN number. Here we share couple of benefits that you need to know as an employee.

Back in >2014, it’s an hurdle task for the employees, in order to proceed with the pf withdrawal process.

Submitting the application form to near by pf office, attested by employer or any high authorities is kinda long process.

Some times people are fed up with the process. Realizing this, the epfo launched a new innovative concept called UAN and it came into existence on March 30th 2014 under the act of 1952.

Employee provident fund organisation, where you can find all details like epfo status, epf balance enquiry.

Act As Bridge: Bridge 😛 Yeah! Connecting the previous provident fund accounts under one account via UAN. If you can access universal account number, then you can access all previous PF numbers.

Easy Of Transferring: With the help of the universal account number you can now transfer the pf amount easily without any problem via OTCP

You don’t need to withdraw the pf amount whenever you changed from one company to other company.

Rather than withdrawing you just need to transfer that amount with the help of the member portal website with a single click.

Check Contribution Status: With the help of the universal account number you can now check your monthly contribution rate.

Access The Android App: Check your account status with a single click.

The EPFO India launched a new Android application. You can download the application from here. You need to have at least 2.3 ( Android Version ) in order to get it run without any problems.

Changing Profile Details: You can now change your profile details. Previously, if you need to change your profile details you need to contact the employer. Now, you can do it by your self.

If Your Employer is Not Yet Registered The UAN Account, You can let them know the process of registration.

Three reasons why your employer is not yet registered the universal account number for their employees:

  • May be the company is new one more likely you are working in startup.
  • Not authorized by govt or may be you are not working in a registered company by govt.
  • Lack of knowledge on Provident fund and it’s process.

In case if you were a employer, you must check our guide that we publish recently on how to allocate the numbers to your employees.

The Process Of UAN Allocation is quite easy. However, it’s employer responsibility to do so.

If you are the employer you can check out our guide here – Guide Here.

In brief:

If you already allocate number to your employees : Let them know by accessing the UAN status portal website v 2.0 link Or just share the details to their personal Email Id’s.

First of all you need to register on official employer portal website by accessing the link here : Link

  • You need to register your company details, establishment number, extension code ( If any ) on that portal in order to allocate UAN number to your employees.

This is how the webpage will look alike once you visited:

status of UAN

After creation of account. You need to login through your account.

And, Upload the KYC documents:

KYC represents as ” Know your customer “, or employee.

Kyc Documents list :

As a employer you need to collect the documents from your employees as follows:

Aadhaar card, pan card, voter id card, bank number, IFSC code are the mandatory documents.

Once you collected those documents:

At top right menu bar, you will see an option as ” Upload KYC In Bulk “. Just upload all of those documents in a bulk text file – you can access here : Process of creation employee data in a bulk format.

Read that guide, at starting point we shared complete information on how to create a users data in a text file including their PF numbers.

Approve those documents with a digital authorized signature. And, share the UAN status link to your employees via member portal online 2017.

That’s it! As a employer you are now successfully assigned or allocate the unique 12 digit number to your employees.

For Employees ( The Next Step Is: Activation  )

After tracking the universal account number status. You will came to know that you account number. The very next step is activate your uan account.

If you were unable to find your universal account number, after accessing the UAN status link. We are kindly advised to contact your employer Immediately.

Here are the process for to activate your account:

Note down the 12 digit number on any paper.

Access this link : Link here

At top right bottom you access a ” Activate link “

Now, visit the link and fill the details as like

  • UAN number
  • Choose the state, PF office region.
  • Enter personal details and mobile number
  • Authorized the account via One Time Password

Congrats :)! You are now successfully activated the account. Now, the next step is to create a username and password.

The username and password are must in order to access the employer portal online.

Fill out the details: chose better username, and password must contain atleast one uppercase letter, numbers. For a better security.

  • Note down the password and username and save it.

That’s the complete process to activate the account. If you need any assistance just leave a comment here.

Top 5 Benefits Of Accessing The Member Portal Online

Once you get to know the universal account number, via UAN status online & successfully completion of activation. You will get the following benefits from portal.

1) Download Passbook Statement

The employee provident fund India back in 2014, opens a simple gateway to check your epf balance through five simple ways. And, user can also view or download the statement.

2) Check UAN Card Details 

Now, you will get to know your UAN card which is valid for life long.

3) PF Transfer

With the help of the online transfer claim portal. You will transfer your PF account to current account without filling any offline form.

4) Change in profile details

If any of the details were incorrect. You can directly upload them. And, the employer will approve via online only.

Most Frequent Asked Questions About UAN Status

1) I have been trying to access the UAN status from a long time, but I can’t able to find my UAN status ?

A: May be the employer had not yet started the UAN Registration process for the employees. Once, they submitted the necessary KYC documents you will get to know the UAN status.

2) How long it takes to get the UAN number?

A: It depends on the employer. The day he stated the process, you will get to know the number with in a 15 days.

After verification of your KYC documents.

3) Is there any thing I need to do after I received the UAN number?

A: Yes! In order to access your EPFO Member portal. You need to activate your UAN account.

The process of UAN Activation is quite simple. Just check out that link. You will get to know the information.

4) I was unable to select the State and Regional PF office from the UAN Status Portal?

This will be mostly happens due to over traffic to their uan status portal website. You can check out after some time.

5) I was getting this error, while I fetching my UAN status online?

Error : 

CallableStatementCallback;SQL[{callCOMMON_POPULTE_DDL.GET_STATE_LIST(?)}]; Closed Connection; nested exception is java.sql.SQLRecoverableException: Closed Connection.

A: If the same error displayed for you. Then your application for new UAN number is not yet processed. Contact your employer and access the uan status website link after some time.

6) How can I edit the profile details?

You can change the profile details under the ” Profile Tab “ on your account.

7) I changed the profile details? How Do I know that my employer verified those documents?

A: Your application status will be changed from pending to verified once the employer verified those documents.

EPFO Claim Status: Check Your Status Online – 2017

EPFO Claim status online : A definitive guide to check your provident fund status online in India 2017. With the help of the online portal website, you can track the status of your account. In case if you need any information you can leave a comment here at the end of the post. This article was last updated on Feb 3rd 2017 with more accurate information.

More Info:

EPf India website was started back in 2008 just for a purpose oto share the necessary information for the people of India. Then after in 2014, Jan the EPFO introduces the UAN – Universal account number.

The universal account number is a innovative concept where employees can easily link their previous PF account details and there by tracking the epfo claim status is also a quite easy process.

On Jan 1st 2017. The EPFO India had launched a new version portal websites for both the employers and employees. However, it seems to be the member portal websites are need to update for a better stability online.

The process of claiming your epfo status is quite simple. All you need to have an provident fund number and establishment code. The establishment code is mandatory. In case if you don’t find your establishment code, you can check our latest article here at the end of the post on how to find your establishment code.

Step By Step Wise To Find The EPFO Claim Status Online In India

Here is the complete step by step wise in order to check your pf claim status online with the images. The images are just for a reference purpose.

There are two cases we are mentioned below check out the two guides.

Now, after all that just chose your PF office state. There by you can access the list of information and details on to check your EPFO claim status online In India 2017.

There were mainly Two cases:

  • Case – 1 ( Without an extension )
  • Case – 2 ( With extension )

Case- 1 ( Without an extension )

It’s quite common that some of the establishments don’t have any extension, in such case you just left that space blank and proceed with the next section.

  • Here we attached the sample images so that you will get an idea on how to check your epfo claim status online in 2017.

Consider this example :

If my PF account number is “ DL/12345/225 ” And the office is located in Delhi , North Delhi region. Then you need to follow the procedure as per the follows in order to proceed for epfo claim status online.

epfo status

Once you chosen the necessary PF office region and location. Then after, it will automatically display as DL and CPM your particular region.

Then enter the establishment code and PF account number. In case if you don’t have any extension just leave it as a blank. As, this article was supposed to share with out any extension.

  • Your establishment code
  • Your pf account number

  • Just left the extension in case if your don’t have any extension.

Now just submit the information.

Up on submit the information you will get to know the EPFO claim status of pf account. An appropriate status will display once you click on submit the information.

Note : The details that we are provided and images are just for a reference purpose. In most of the cases you will get an proper details about epfo status online.

That’s the complete procedure to track your epf claim status online in 2017. In case if you need any more information to find out the establishment code and other source of information just leave a comment here at the end of the post. We can help you out related to any query.

Case – 2 ( What If I have the Extension Code )

That’s pretty simple just enter your extension number where you left the blank.

Same as follows :

  • Just choose the proper location and regional pf office first.
  • As usual, those details were automatically entered into the box.

Then after enter your establishment number, Extension code, and pf account number.

And, then submit it. Your EPFO Claim status  will automatically displayed on their portal page.

That’s the simplest way to check your epfo status online. In case if you need to know any more information related to epfo claim status online then you can leave a comment here.

We do help you out regarding the epfo claim status online in india 2017.

How To Find Your Establishment Code

Most of the employees will have no idea about their establishment code, in this case the epfo India had launched a new portal website where you can able to find the establishment code there by you can check the epfo status without any problem.

  • Below, We have shared the complete guide on this information on how to find out your establishment code online via EPFO website.

establishment code search


  • Establishment code under old office code
  • Establishment of office
  • Show all established under PIN code.

You can choose whatever required for you: In the case of first one, if you select as a state of ” AP “ then click on search it will automatically display the information as shown as a following image.

  • Now, it will show as more than “72045” records in the data base. At the end of the post when you click on payment. You will retrieve the complete data of the total employees as shown in the following figure.

search establishment code

Same as follows for the rest of the two options ” Establishment under office “,


“show all established under PIN code.” The above information is only useful if you have no idea about your establishment code to access your epfo status online and epfo claim status or withdrawal in India 2016. The website even had more details to trace all of the information which has been shared over here.

  • I also know the establishment code (enter numeric part of code number only. Do not enter extension code) – Here you can enter the numeric part only. This method will help you to find your information much fast.
  • Also, search on Estate. Name (enter a few characters of estt. name or in full) – Here you can enter the established name for a real quick process.

That’s the simplest way to check your establishment code further by track the epfo claim status without any problems.

Most Frequent asked questions related to this topic

Here we cover some of the most frequent asked questions on epfo status online. The list as follows:

1) How do I find my pf account number ?

A: Just check on to your payslip. You will find the pf account number. And, there by you can check the epfo status online.

2) The link to search for establishment code is not working ?

A: Yes ! We figured it out. The employee provident fund organisation is working on that once a new portal link is launched we do update the article with more source of information.

3) When I submit the information the status is displaying as ” Records not found why ?

A: In this case we are requested you to check out the details once again. May be you were entered the wrong pf account number or establishment code. Once, you correct those details, you can proceed again to check your epfo claim status status online 2017.

4) How Do I create a pf account number ?

A: The pf account number is created by an employer, it’s employer responsibility. Before the month of the contribution your pf Id will be created by employer and you can access the number on your payslip online.

Things to kept in mind while checking your EPFO status online:

It’s pretty common that most of the epfo status will be shown as record not found. If you were belong to the same situation then you need to check here:

1) If you just joined any organisation <1 month. And, your epfo claim status shown as records not found then in this case you need to wait some more days in order to get updated in their portal website.

2) Make sure to check your pf account number, establishment code, and extension code. Entering the wrong details will not fetch your status.

3) It’s quite common that some times the epfo claim status portal stop working. This would mostly happens due to over traffic. Just wait for some time and try to access it again.

4) If all the details that you were entered were right. And, unable to find the status of your EPFO account. Then contact the Employer.

Latest News On EPFO India

We do cover all the information on how to check your epfo status online. Then here is the latest news that you need to know:

On Jan 1st 2017

On Jan 1st 2017, the Employee provident fund launches a new portal website for both employers and employees. Here we share the links of two portal do check it out.

On Jan 30th 2017

Universal Account Number has ensured portability of EPF accounts and has safeguarded interest of crores of workers.

UAN Registration And Activation Process In case If You Have No UAN Account

Most of the new employees are not opting their uan number. This is mostly happens as their employer was busy. As an employee you need to ask your employer about uan number and linked up with your current pf account number. Such that you can avail most of the benefits from your UAN number.

Contact your employer : Because, it’s employer responsibilty to create UAN on behalf of you. You just need to submit the following documents in order to get verified by the employer. Here we shared the complete guide on how to register for uan account. Hope this guide will help you.

  • Aadhaar card ( Mandatory)
  • Driving license
  • Voter Id card
  • Pan card
  • Bank account number + IFSC code.

Once the employer created the number, then all you need to activate it.

The process of uan activation is quite simple. All you need to follow the steps that we are shared over here

  • Just enter the UAN account number
  • Enter your mobile number for authentication via OTP.
  • Once, your account is authenticated. Then you can create a username and password.

And access all the benefits from the EPFO and also check your epf balance online, and also download the passbook statement and UAN card online, check your epfo claim status online.

That’s it!

We came to know the new epfo claim status website is not working properly

Just wait for a couple of days for a next update. The employee provident fund organisation had already take action on this. Since, they were getting the lots of complaints regarding the website.

Hope the above guide helps!

You can also check our latest articles that we are shared:

Are you able to check the EPFO claim status without any trouble ? If not! Leave a comment here and share the problem, why you were unable to track the pf claim status.

Top 20 Best Financial Blogs To Follow In India

All the companies of different sizes are searching for direction as they want to seek growth during these thunderous economic times.

Some companies are searching for better ways to deploy capital while others are fighting for survival.

It is during times such as these that many do not take much time to know the perspective on the risks that they face . However, the solid companies realize that having a better understanding of their unique risks to vital to their continued success.

These companies also realize that the risks that they face are ever-changing at both internally and externally .

The basic step is developing a better understanding of a external risk to conduct an Enterprise Risk Assessment which is based on companies strategy it is one of the objectives it serves baseline for measuring responses going forward also as the foundation for a border.

Enterprise risk management system As many company implements their ERM program it is critical that a culture of risk awareness rather than risk aversion is promoted a risk aware culture embraces risk as the flip aside to the reward they seek.

However simply identifying and measuring and mitigating risks is also part of achieving risk awareness an effective way to gain perspectives to examine how the business is evolving in relation to its overall strategies direction through risk awareness cycle.

 In addition to continue as a viable enterprise movement from one stage to the other is essential Without movement an enterprise will lose forward momentum and ultimately fail.

Finance is an area of running a small or big business where it is mainly helpful to have some expert advice in order to run or problems occurred in business financial blogs are broadly but blogs provide all the valuable information actionable tips for small business owners and entrepreneurs .

We have curated the list to give entrepreneurs and those for general who want better understanding of finance who want success in the finance field

There are some superb finance blogs in India to solve the problems of the business companies some are written by individuals who are experts in economics  or specialized in finance while some involve a collaboration between different contributors some of many blogs are run by well known news sites like the Financial Times and Wall street Journal.

Others by some research based center’s and many by individuals ranging from pro to amateur. Business blogs are a great source used for analysis and also used source of commentary and also provide some useful videos data charts and news to know the basic information of finance.

If you are looking for all manner business and economic news across India as well as the gossips on wall street and topics trending in internet blog business insider is the best blog to go it is not thinking man finance unfortunately more and more content on the blog is basically plucked from somewhere without a lot of genuine analysis or reporting but,

Business insider which is headed by former wall street analyst henry bloget does agood job of picking in stories.

A recent photo gallery of what hotels look like in brochures versus what they look like in person was a lot of fun And when blodget does write it is usually worth the click .

A recent story on why an analyst was fired from Merill Lynch a subject Blodget knows a lot about for writing negative reports about irish banks was very good read anlong with Blodget the site has areliable commentator in joe weisenthal though the length of articles like those on the rest of the site seems to have


It is mainly focused on all types and categories on taxes on tax guru you will find all the updated information on any and all taxes which includes recent circular Notification amendments and Case Laws These include amendments in income tax wealth tax MVAT DVAT PVAT company law service regulation labor laws corporate law goods and service tax.

They also provide various forms and some tools related to the taxes in excel and in word format setup in 2008

This blog is generally useful for finance professionals and entrepreneurs company secretaries accounts and other professional assistants it was launched in 2008 by sandeep kumar kanoj it is ranked as 8287 globally and it has face book likes nearly 25k and twitter followers 12k.


It  ranks about 13798 across globe whereas it has face book followers nearly 7k and twitter followers nearly4k it covers various articles on stock markets corporate and business news and mutual funds it also has a digital session to help the investors to know about their queries it also provides,

Financial articles on personal finance ranging from investment taxes ppf and banking it provides information in regional languages  also it is one of the channel in launched in 2010


It simplifies all the related concepts in filling income tax form nout EPF,PPF credit debt loan investing avenues fill form 15G etc it was started in 2011 by kirti  a woman software engineer from Bangalore facing problems of EPF not transferred income tax notice on her way to and from the office .

she spent time reading writing book on money for children once that was done she started writing about the money problems and questions she faced


It was setup in jan 2009 by manish chouhan and nandish desai manish is an engineer who has worked at yahoo but now is financial coach who conducts workshops they operate from pune nandish desai is an author and a financial coach.

They also started jagoinvestor school where you work on your financial life and learn personal finance they also started jagoinvestor school where you work on your financial life manish also authored books with network publications it covers topics in simple language such as personal finance insurance mutual funds credit cards EPF account frequency articles once a week.


It is considered as among the op 10 financial blogs in India it has nearly 4lakh views on Google and around 200 articles are published it is ranked around 42145 around the globe in the case of traffic control it Google page rank 2 it is an initiative started with the aim of educating each individual in dealing their financial life at any time through any means .


It has nearly about 909 articles and it has traffic rank of about 53646 globally it is ranked as first by Google page rank and it has nearly 2k subscribers it is also featured in top 30 financial blogs in India and top 61 personal financial blogs in India, it mainly deals with even urban Indian consumers are less aware about financial products and importance of financial planning money excel excels in personal finance investment financial planning insurance real estate stock market and other financial products..


It is a blog on personal finances the main aim is to present the information on financial product s in a simple unbiased and easy to understand manner this blog covers wide array of personal finance topics like insurance home loans banking services mutual funds tax planning stock markets commodities informed investors will take better financial decision.

If an investor is financial literate than no one one can mis sell financial products to him. It was founded by srikanth a certified financial planer


It started out as a mint as a name of a computer in the network of computers by a college student manshu later she converted in to one mint blog it deals mainly with technology and economics personal finance


It was setup by P V Subramanian he is a charted accountant he had a wide experience of trained people in mutual funds life insurance companies private sector banks brokerage houses and many big companies across India his blog subramoney conducts many workshops with corporate helping employs save better invest better equipping smart people with the tools to get richer


The founder of apna plan is amit who is an mba guy with a more certification from NSEa this blog gives all the information related to mutual funds insurance stocks fds loans taxes retirement smart shopping calculators


It is run by srikanta kundu a professional blogger on the daily financial news like home loan car loan educational loan mutual fund fixed deposit stock market salary accounts etc


It was founded by devashish and an SEBI registered investment advisor an mba from India’s premier b schools this blog helps small investors for better manage their investments and reach their personal financial goals it also deals with direct equity investments


It was founded by aswath damodaran who isprofessor of finance at the stern school of business ay NYU it was started in 2008 this blog educates by videos special charts by blog sharing and trending topic.


Top 5 Best Balanced Mutual Funds To Invest In India

A mutual fund is an investment fund which is professionally managed that collectively money from many investors to purchase the securities there is no particular definition of the term mutual fund.

Generally mutual funds are applicable to open end investment organizations only a few mutual funds have their own shares and these are termed as equity funds but some other funds has their own bonds and they are officially called as bond funds or it is often known as fixed income funds.

However mutual funds is the combination of both shares and bonds investor invests in variable returns however it is risky affair in share market and also in mutual funds however there are some mutual funds available in markets which are available in market are having less risk factor.

Hedge funds are not mutual funds because hedge funds cannot be sold to the general public generally mutual funds are registered with the securities and exchange commission and over checked by board of directors or the board of trustees  and  managed by the investment advisor.

Mutual funds was first introduced in India in 1963 Indian government launched unit trust India(UTI) until 1987 it enjoyed the monopoly in the Indian mutual fund.

when the Indian government started controlling the Indian financial companies by establishing their own funds Indian financial companies include,

State bank of India , canara bank, Punjab national bank but in the year 1993 mutual funds was opened to all the private individuals because of the constitutional amendments which was put forward by UPA government under the existence of principles like liberty, globalization, privatization in India.

The first and foremost private fund established was Kothari pioneer and later It merged with Franklin Templeton according to the report in 1996 by SEBI the mutual fund regulation which is a comprehensive regulatory frame work

Indian mutual fund industry had benefited largely from the outside activity of servicing the investors of two of the leading register and transfer agents in India they are CAMS and karvy.

In India more than 65% of the assets servicing is done by CAMS while the rest of the assets servicing is done karvy own in house RTA set up services is done to its investors by Franklin Templeton mutual fund CAMS and karvy both the RTA have a large group of network to their local offices.

which enables the investor individuals to transact locally due to implementation of these customer service centre’s it provides a wide range of servicing including acceptance and processing of financial transaction it provides of units apart from providing statements of accounts to nomination registration

Generally funds are classified based on the principal investments there are mainly four types of funds money market funds fixed income funds share or equity funds and hybrid funds may also be categorized as active and passive managed

In India the Association of Mutual funds in India (AMFI) is an standard organization in the mutual fund sector many of the mutual fund organizations  firms as its members I was first started in 1995 this association is established to develop the mutual funds.

In India this was introduced by improving the professional and ethical standards according to the report in 2015 there were 44 firms as its members investors have to pay all the fund expensenses  which may result in reduction of fund returns and the performance some issues are going on the level of expanses

The fund investments is traded by the sponsor or fund manager he must be a registered investment advisor funds that come under the same company or same family or same organization is known as fund complex or fund family

In many kinds of securities we invest mutual funds the type of securities that individual fund may invest are set in forward in the fund’s prospectus and a legal document which describes the objective and the type of income that fund seeks the mutual fund investment rules and regulations and performance of the fund is continually monitored by fund’s portfolio manager.

For example  generally a capital appreciation fund looks to earn most of its fund returns from increasing prices in the securities it holds the income from the dividends the fund manager describes all the investment approach and uses to select investments for the fund.

Hedge funds are not the same kind of mutual funds hedge account is governed by the investment company in hedge funds we don’t need to register with the SEC

As we invest directly into individual securities it has advantages and disadvantages


  • Increased diversification as we know one fund holds many securities this leads to deduction of diversification
  • Due to the daily liquidity the share holders of open end funds and unit investment trusts at every trading day they may sell their holdings back the fund at a price equal to the closing net asset value of the fund’s holdings.
  • Open and close end funds may hire the managers or portfolio managers to supervise the fund’s investments i.e. professional investment management.
  • For only larger investors we have ability to participate the investments for example one investor individual may find difficult to participate in the foreign markets.
  • Mutual funds has good services as per the convenience of the investor they often provide services such as check writing.
  • Mutual funds are thoroughly regulated by the government SEC.
  • Mutual funds are easy to compare because all the mutual funds required to report the same information


Mutual funds have fees during investing the fund and it has less control over timing of recognition of gains and we cannot predict the income and it is less predictable income and there are less number of opportunities’ to customize

In creating the mutual funds one researcher credits in 1774 it was first established in Europe and it was introduced in 1900’s to the rest of the world

  1. ICICI prudential Balanced Fund

It is one of the popular fund it was introduced by ICICI from the last five years it have mopped with some good returns it is the stable and balanced fund and it has some top holdings such as reliance India, HCL, tech, Bajaj for direct government securities it has 15% of assets and for debt option it has simple quality of liquid plans

  1. HDFC Balanced fund

It has nearly 19% of CAGR with a track record of five years and it has AUM of 1920 crores this is one of the best mutual funds it was founded by chirag setalvad who had a vast experience and good track record in the field of mutual funds.

It was started in 2000 at present it is holding HDFC bank, Reliance Infosys and SBI the most important advantage of HDFC balanced fund is its debt portion

  1. TATA Balanced Fund’

It has the potential to perform ahead it has got 16%CGAR over the last 5 years and a last 3years it has23.5% of CGAR and it has good potential and very descent the NAV is around RS 152

  1. HDFC Prudence Fund

This fund is one of the most popular and has very good assets under the management the head of HDFC Prudence Fund is prashant jain and it has good fame in the mutual fund industry the fund is around 17%CGAR in the last 5 years it is suitable and comfortable to the conservative investors it has heavy holdings like Infosys SBI, ICICI bank etc it is one of the less risk taking it is the best choice for the people above 45 years and need to moderate the risk


It is managed by Mahesh patil it has top holdings of balanced fund like Reliance HDFC bank TATA motors Mauriti Suzuki it has many diluting returns it is one of the oldest funds and started in 1995 and it had a good track record

The growth of mutual funds involves three steps and a bull market for both shares and stocks and many new products was introduced like including tax exempt bond and target date funds and wider distribution of fund shares and the new plans were the retirement plans and many people preferred the fast growing retirement plans and other defined contribution plans and individual retirement accounts and in 2008 total mutual funds in the financial crisis of 2007 and 2008

In 2003 the mutual and balanced fund industry involved in a scandal due to the uneven treatment of fund of stock holders some fund management companies allowed favored investors to start engage in late trading which is a illegal or market timing and the practice is prohibited by the fund policy.

Money market generally strive to maintain $1 per share net asset value and meaning is that investors earn the interest income from the fund but there is no liquidity of capitals or losses if a mutual fund fails to maintain $1   per share net asset and it has declined its value

EPF Guntur Address | Check Balance | Other Details

EPF Guntur office address and pf balance online in Andhra Pradesh(AP) 2017. We shared all of the information and details about to let you know the pf address, balance, and other details of information online in Andhra Pradesh 2017. 

We do update this article whenever we came across the latest news particular to guntur district, Andhra Pradesh. Do subscribe to our blog to receive more updates.

Epf status is one of the best blog where we share all of the necessary details about the employee provident fund. Here we shared the address of provident fund office and also check your balance online in AP 2017 ( Guntur ). If you have any doubts related to the information that we are shared over here you can leave a comment here at the end of the post. We are here to help you out.

Guntur PF Office address:

  • Regional Office, GUNTUR
  • Bhavishyanidhi Bhawan, Krishna Nagar,
  • 3rd Lane,
  • Guntur – 522 006
  • Email Id:

Customer care number / contact number:

Working times:

The working times is as follows:

  • Monday To Friday
  • Timings : Monday To Friday

Here is the google map location of PF Address in Guntur:

Check PF Balance Online in Guntur

Here we share the complete guide on how to check pf balance online in in guntur , andhra pradesh. The process of checking your pf balance details online is quite simple. You can use any three methods which we have been shared below:

In that guide we are maximum covered all of the information in more than 5 ways you can check your employee provident fund balance with the help of the uan number.

PF Status & Activate Your Account

With the help of the uan portal you can claim your pf status online in Guntur. Claiming of pf status is all simple process all you need to have the following details:

  • Your establishment code
  • Your PF member Id

With that help of the above details you can claim your pf status online in guntur.

pf status

Transfer Or Check Your Previous Id’s

With the help of the universal account number you can know done transfer your pf amount to new account. The process is quite simple all you have to do is to login to your account, then after at top right menu bar you can access the ” Previous Member Id “. Now check in to that page. Once you checked in you can access all your previous Id’s.

There by you can check eligibility criteria, and apply for transfer process.

UAN Registration & Activation Online

If you want to access all your provident fund details via online. Then you must have an universal account number. The universal account number acts as a roof where all your previous member Id’s from different company’s are shared under one portal. This can let you know the details and control all your information.

The major benefits of having a UAN account:

  • Track your monthly contribution
  • Update your kyc details
  • Know yor provident fund balance
  • Transfer and claim your status

Once the employer or you registered, then all you need to follow the necessary guidelines to activate your account.

  • Your mobile number
  • UAN number

Are mandatory, an one time password will generated in order to verify / activate your account.

Find Your Establishment code

You can simply check your epf guntur establishment code. While we are retrieving the data from official website, we came to know that epf establishement code search link was broken.

  • We do update the link whenever we came to know.

Finding the Establishment code is quite easy process with the help of the search link.

If you have any doubts related to the information that we are shared over here do let us know or comment below.

EPF Visakhapatnam Office Address & Check Balance | Guide

EPF Visakhapatnam Office address and balance details online in 2017. We are here shared the complete guide on EPF Visakhapatnam from address to check your provident fund balance online in Vizag, Andhra pradesh. In case if you have any problems while knowing your details then do leave a comment here at the end of the post. –  Also check how to save tax on gits

Here is the office address: The EPF Visakhapatnam office address is collected from the official epf India office address website. There by you can check out the other information as well with out much effort. However, we do collected the most appropriate information on how to check pf balance online in vizag, andhra pradesh. Do check it out and also do let us know if you required any details about the EPF Visakhapatnam online in 2017. Check out the customer card or contact number and office address in vizag.

Office Address:

  • Sub Regional Office, VISAKHAPATNAM
  • Door No. 58-14-86, Marripalem
  • VUDA Layout, NAD Post,
  • Visakhapatnam – 530 009

You can contact the above office address, if you encounter any problems.

Email Id

Customer care number / contact details vizag:

STD Code: 0891

PF Office Working Times Visakhapatnam:

The working times of pf office is

  • Monday to friday
  • Timings 10-4.

Map Location:

Find Your PF Account Balance Online

In case if you missed our latest article that we are shared over here on how to check pf balance online In Visakhapatnam 2017, do check it out below. So that you will get an idea.

The process of checking your employee provident fund balance is quite easy. Basically, there were three main process involved in this to check your details online. One is via missed call service, another one is via Official website, and last one is android application. The android application is recently launched in play store. With the help of that android application you can instantly check all your details online.

UAN Registration And Activation Process

Even though you can able to know your pf balance details via offline. Do you know that with the help of the epf member portal you can track all your previous member Id’s at one place. There by you can access all the benefits.

Some of the Benefits of having a UAN number:

  • With the help of the uan number you can track all your Id’s at one place.
  • Know how much money you are contributing every month.
  • change your KYC documents and mobile number.
  • Get instant updates to your registered mobile number.

Activation Of Your UAN Account

Once you or your employer created the uan account. Then all you need to do is activate your account. The process of activation is shared below do check it out.

With the help of the epf member portal you can avail all the benefits.

PF Claim Status & Transfer

Now claim your provident fund status within a seconds. The process of claiming and transfer your old account balance is simple process. Below we shared two links which might helpful for you.

Transfer of your previous member Id’s is only applicable if your previous account is synced with the UAN number. This mostly happens if your were often changing your company.

Know Your Establishment Code

EPF Visakhapatnam Establishment code: With the help of the uan number you can check your EPF establishment code.

know your establishment code

Know you vizag, establishment code Here : Link Here Official Link – The Official link is broken. We do update whenever we came to know.

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EPF Kadapa Office Address | Balance Details | Other Info

EPF Kadapa office address and balance details online in 2017. We at epf status share most of the information about the latest changes in employee provident fund in kadapa 2017.

To Know more information about the office and customer care number details, other epf office details then do check out our complete guide below.

As quick through guide we share most of the info to get you know the EPF Kadapa office address and pf balance details. Not only pf balance details we do cover rest of the information in just a couple of lines.

First of all we should go through the pf cudapah office address. Recent post – How to save Income Tax On Gifts check it out. Have you any doubts related to employee provident fund organisation online in cudapa do leave a comment here.

EPF Kadapa Office address:

Check out the address also don’t forgot to know the more information about pf balance and establishment code.


  • Sub regional Office, cudapa
  • Bhavishyanidhi Bhawan, 1/30, Railway Station Road,
  • Yerramukkapalli,
  • Kadapa – 516 004

Customer care number of Pf Office kadapa:

  • STD Code: 08562

Contact Number as follows:

  • Regional Pf Commissioner Office ( GR.) – 244189
  • Shri S Srinivas Kumar As Follows:
  • Assitiant Pf Commissioner – 256114
  • Assitant Pf Commissioner – 244108
  • Public Relation Officer – 244902

Fax Number for cudapa -27563993

Address In google maps:

All of the information that we are shared over there is collected from the epf India via kadapa employee provident organisation online.

However, most of the people in are still looking for more information that may not available on online. For that reason we shared complete brief guide about epf kadapa. In case if any information that you have been looking out, and if not available here do let us know by leaving a comment here at the end of the post.

Check PF Balance online in kadapa

The process of checking or enquiry your pf balance online in kadapa is quite simple. We do shared the complete guide on this topic about epf kadapa balance.

Basically, you have five options to know your balance:

  • You can download official android application
  • Via missed call service
  • Via logging in to the uan member portal
  • Via epf India portal website
  • Through Official link

There seems to be endless possibility to know your current account or member balance. You can even contact your regional office which has been shared above complete address and customer care number and email Identity card.

Apply For Universal Account Number & Activate That Account

If you were an employee then you must have an UAN number. UAN number referd as a Universal account number, with the help of the uan account number you can track all your previous member Id’s seamlessly possibly.

Activate your UAN

Basically, it’s employer responsibility to create a new universal account number on behalf of you. However, even you can do that.

Activation Of Account:

The process of activation your account is quite easy. All you have to follow the necessary steps which has been shared on uan member portal.

Just enter the UAN number, there by you can activate your account.


PF Status & Apply For Transfer Claim:

Tracking your provident fund status is simple. All you have to know your establishment code and your member Id. Once you entered those details establishment code and member Id you can instantly know your status online without much effort.

Apply For Transfer Claim

If you were changed from one company to other company too often. It’s very hard task to know track all your pf member Id’s at one place, in order to avoid this problem the government introduced the UAN number.

Once, you were registered and activated your universal account:

Then after in uan member portal page you can access your previous member Id’s there by you apply for PF Transfer in kadapa.

  • If you faced any problems, you can simply contact the pf office in cuddapa address which has been shared above.

With the help of the uan you can know the cuddapah epf establishment code.

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PF Office Rajahmundry | Check Balance | Other Details

PF Office Rajahmundry address and all necessary details about the epfo Rajahmundry online. Epf status is one of the most trusted blog in India where we share complete guides on how to check pf balance online to most frequent asked questions online about employee provident fund organization online in 2017.

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The following guide will let you know the complete information about the pf office address in Rajahmundry and check your pf balance details online in Rajahmundry 2017. If you have any doubts relate to the information that we are shared over here do leave a comment at the end of the post. One of our team members will help you out.

PF Office Address Rajahmundry:

    • Golden Plaza, 2nd & 3rd floors,
    • opp. city Hospital, Danavaipet
    • Rajahmundry – 533103
    • E-mail:
    • Fax Number: +91-883-2470532

Pf Office customer care number toll-free online:

  • Public Relation Officer (PRO)
  • Phone Number: +91-883-2442571

Know More About Other Details Online Here:

PF Balance:

Know your employee provident fund balance online Rajahmundry. We cover most of the information related to employee provident fund organisation to check your pf balance online.

epf balance

The process of checking your details is quiet easy process all you need to check out the reference link that we have shared below here. In case if your encounter any problems while finding out the details do leave a comment here. Our dedicated team will respond to it asap.

UAN Member Portal:

How to login to your member portal? via online. That’s quite easy, all you need to have an login details. The login details contains as follows:

  • Your Username
  • Your Password

With the help of those credentials you can check login via epfo login website.

Here we shared the complete guide about the EPF Member Portal in Rajahmundry 2017 do check it out.

With the help of that login portal you can get to access plenty of information within a seconds. As follows:

  • You can easily check your Balance Online
  • You can claim your previous member Id’s
  • Transfer your information, if your changed from one company to other company.
  • Change mobile number and kyc documents online within a minutes.

UAN Registration & Activation

In case if you don’t have an uan number, here we shared the complete guide on how to register new universal account number for the people of Rajahmundry online.Basically the it’s your employer responsibility to create a uan number. However, even you can create one. In that case all you need to submit the necessary documents to employer thereby he can verify all those documents.

Up on creation of number, as a employee you need to activate your account.

The process of activation is quite easy. Just enter the number in the portal login page and activate your account with the help of your mobile number by one time password.

  • One time password is mandatory.

Here is the official link that we shared on how to activate your new account without much effort

PF Status & Withdrawal

In a single click you can track the pf claim status online for the people of Rajahmundry we do cover most of the information on how to track your provident fund claim status.

We are highly suggested to go for universal account number. And, use online portal wisely. With the help of the portal you can came to know how much money is deduction from your account every month.

  • You can download PF Passbook statement and know your pf withdrawal statement seamlessly without any effort.

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Rajahmundry pf office rajahmundry, andhra pradesh