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EPFO Claim status online : A definitive guide to check your provident fund status online in India 2017. With the help of the uan member portal, you can track the status of your account. In case if you need any information you can leave a comment here at the end of the post. This article was last updated on Feb 3rd 2017 with more accurate information.

More Info:

EPf India website was started back in 2008 just for a purpose oto share the necessary information for the people of India. Then after in 2014, Jan the EPFO introduces the UAN – Universal account number. The universal account number is a innovative concept where employees can easily link their previous PF account details and there by tracking the epfo claim status is also a quite easy process.

On Jan 1st 2017. The EPFO India had launched a new version portal websites for both the employers and employees. However, it seems to be the member portal websites are need to update for a better stability online.

The process of claiming your epfo status is quite simple. All you need to have an provident fund number and establishment code. The establishment code is mandatory. In case if you don’t find your establishment code, you can check our latest article here at the end of the post on how to find your establishment code.

Step By Step Wise To Find The EPFO Claim Status Online In India

Here is the complete step by step wise in order to check your pf claim status online with the images. The images are just for a reference purpose.

There are two cases we are mentioned below check out the two guides.

Now, after all that just chose your PF office state. There by you can access the list of information and details on to check your EPFO claim status online In India 2017.

There were mainly Two cases:

  • Case – 1 ( Without an extension )
  • Case – 2 ( With extension )

Case- 1 ( Without an extension )

It’s quite common that some of the establishments don’t have any extension, in such case you just left that space blank and proceed with the next section.

  • Here we attached the sample images so that you will get an idea on how to check your epfo claim status online in 2017.

Consider this example :

If my PF account number is “ DL/12345/225 ” And the office is located in Delhi , North Delhi region. Then you need to follow the procedure as per the follows in order to proceed for epfo claim status online.

Once you chosen the necessary PF office region and location. Then after, it will automatically display as DL and CPM your particular region.

Then enter the establishment code and PF account number. In case if you don’t have any extension just leave it as a blank. As, this article was supposed to share with out any extension.

  • Your establishment code
  • Your pf account number

  • Just left the extension in case if your don’t have any extension.

Now just submit the information.

Up on submit the information you will get to know the EPFO claim status of pf account. An appropriate status will display once you click on submit the information.

Note : The details that we are provided and images are just for a reference purpose. In most of the cases you will get an proper details about epfo status online.

That’s the complete procedure to track your epf claim status online in 2017. In case if you need any more information to find out the establishment code and other source of information just leave a comment here at the end of the post. We can help you out related to any query.

Case – 2 ( What If I have the Extension Code )

That’s pretty simple just enter your extension number where you left the blank.

Same as follows :

  • Just choose the proper location and regional pf office first.
  • As usual, those details were automatically entered into the box.

Then after enter your establishment number, Extension code, and pf account number.

And, then submit it. Your EPFO Claim status  will automatically displayed on their portal page.

That’s the simplest way to check your epfo status online. In case if you need to know any more information related to epfo claim status online then you can leave a comment here.

We do help you out regarding the epfo claim status online in india 2017.

How To Find Your Establishment Code

Most of the employees will have no idea about their establishment code, in this case the epfo India had launched a new portal website where you can able to find the establishment code there by you can check the epfo status without any problem.

  • Below, We have shared the complete guide on this information on how to find out your establishment code online via EPFO website.


  • Establishment code under old office code
  • Establishment of office
  • Show all established under PIN code.

You can choose whatever required for you: In the case of first one, if you select as a state of ” AP “ then click on search it will automatically display the information as shown as a following image.

  • Now, it will show as more than “72045” records in the data base. At the end of the post when you click on payment. You will retrieve the complete data of the total employees as shown in the following figure.

Same as follows for the rest of the two options ” Establishment under office “,


“show all established under PIN code.” The above information is only useful if you have no idea about your establishment code to access your epfo status online and epfo claim status or withdrawal in India 2016. The website even had more details to trace all of the information which has been shared over here.

  • I also know the establishment code (enter numeric part of code number only. Do not enter extension code) – Here you can enter the numeric part only. This method will help you to find your information much fast.
  • Also, search on Estate. Name (enter a few characters of estt. name or in full) – Here you can enter the established name for a real quick process.

That’s the simplest way to check your establishment code further by track the epfo claim status without any problems.

Most Frequent asked questions related to this topic

Here we cover some of the most frequent asked questions on epfo status online. The list as follows:

1) How do I find my pf account number ?

A: Just check on to your payslip. You will find the pf account number. And, there by you can check the epfo status online.

2) The link to search for establishment code is not working ?

A: Yes ! We figured it out. The employee provident fund organisation is working on that once a new portal link is launched we do update the article with more source of information.

3) When I submit the information the status is displaying as ” Records not found why ?

A: In this case we are requested you to check out the details once again. May be you were entered the wrong pf account number or establishment code. Once, you correct those details, you can proceed again to check your epfo claim status status online 2017.

4) How Do I create a pf account number ?

A: The pf account number is created by an employer, it’s employer responsibility. Before the month of the contribution your pf Id will be created by employer and you can access the number on your payslip online.

Things to kept in mind while checking your EPFO status online:

It’s pretty common that most of the epfo status will be shown as record not found. If you were belong to the same situation then you need to check here:

1) If you just joined any organisation <1 month. And, your epfo claim status shown as records not found then in this case you need to wait some more days in order to get updated in their portal website.

2) Make sure to check your pf account number, establishment code, and extension code. Entering the wrong details will not fetch your status.

3) It’s quite common that some times the epfo claim status portal stop working. This would mostly happens due to over traffic. Just wait for some time and try to access it again.

4) If all the details that you were entered were right. And, unable to find the status of your EPFO account. Then contact the Employer.

Latest News On EPFO India

We do cover all the information on how to check your epfo status online. Then here is the latest news that you need to know:

On Jan 1st 2017

On Jan 1st 2017, the Employee provident fund launches a new portal website for both employers and employees. Here we share the links of two portal do check it out.

On Jan 30th 2017

Universal Account Number has ensured portability of EPF accounts and has safeguarded interest of crores of workers.

UAN Registration And Activation Process In case If You Have No UAN Account

Most of the new employees are not opting their uan number. This is mostly happens as their employer was busy. As an employee you need to ask your employer about uan number and linked up with your current pf account number. Such that you can avail most of the benefits from your UAN number.

Contact your employer : Because, it’s employer responsibilty to create UAN on behalf of you. You just need to submit the following documents in order to get verified by the employer. Here we shared the complete guide on how to register for uan account. Hope this guide will help you.

  • Aadhaar card ( Mandatory)
  • Driving license
  • Voter Id card
  • Pan card
  • Bank account number + IFSC code.

Once the employer created the number, then all you need to activate it.

The process of uan activation is quite simple. All you need to follow the steps that we are shared over here

  • Just enter the UAN account number
  • Enter your mobile number for authentication via OTP.
  • Once, your account is authenticated. Then you can create a username and password.

And access all the benefits from the EPFO and also check your epf balance online, and also download the passbook statement and UAN card online, check your epfo claim status online.

That’s it!

We came to know the new epfo claim status website is not working properly

Just wait for a couple of days for a next update. The employee provident fund organisation had already take action on this. Since, they were getting the lots of complaints regarding the website.

Hope the above guide helps!

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